Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Coverup Impulse

Slander On The Cuyahoga: What Cleveland Police Tried to Do:

...This should embarrass any sentient primate. The officers involved in the killing of Tamir Rice took less than a minute to kill him and considerably more time concocting the preposterous cover story that, in less than a minute, they felt so "menaced," and so much "panic" had been "induced" in them that Rice had to be put down like a dog. What are these especially delicate blossoms doing in the police business in the first place? This is the kind of thing that was supposed to be the point of the hearings before the House Judiciary Committee this week. Not merely the hairtrigger response of an incompetent cop, but the conditioned reflex inbred in too many of them to cover up their crimes. That is not a "problem" among some bad apples. That impulse drives a culture of deadly corruption.

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