Monday, August 03, 2015

Post 10,656!

I had planned to have a massive internet party for post 10,000 but somehow it slid right by me.

Oddly, I had thought I needed to address the same issue I wrote about in my second post from October of 2005: here, so maybe I'll quote myself. I began blogging because I was so utterly outraged about Bush et. al.'s response to Katrina that I felt I had to do something, I quickly learned that I was a Z list blogger and no one was gonna pay attention, but I trudged onward. I figured that if I had to spend the rest of my life trying to turn one person away from the poison of the neocon GOPers (I think I actually was the first to use the GOPer term back in the day), it would be worth the trek.

I was a Edwards, then Clinton supporter, and was sitting on The Confluence the night the PUMAs became real and I still identify with them. I never supported Obama, and I received death threats from some Obots, something the right-wing loons have never bothered to do. Thank you. I did support Obama against R$money and must admit I've become a fan during his last two years, probably because of all the ludicrous Facebook accusations that I've been countering. I still think Clinton would have been a far better president since she absolutely knows what the Republicans are all about. Too late,  Obama realized that his bipartisan friendship  hand had been reduced to a bloody stump.

I guess I will toil on here in a dark, empty corner of cyberspace, gazing wistfully at the stars clustered at the center of this Universe. At least until death do part me from this electronic coil and I upload to the netherspace. Even then, I'll be back.

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