Monday, August 17, 2015

Return Of The Obots?

petition: Hold Bernie Sanders Accountable for Bullying by his Supporters:

There are several petitions being circulated by the supporters of Bernie Sanders asking people NOT to support the Democratic nominee if Bernie doesn't win the primary election. This is not activism, this is anarchy, and it subverts the election process upon which our democracy was founded.

In addition to petitions, Sanders’ supporters have taken over the majority of neutral liberal and Democratic social media groups, bullying Hillary Clinton supporters relentlessly until they leave the groups. Some friction during an election is to be expected, but the vitriol and persistence of Bernie Sanders' supporters in their personal attacks against Hillary Clinton's supporters is unprecedented. They are resorting to Tea Party tactics, such as character assassination, accusing people of being trolls, shills or HRC campaign operatives to get them kicked out of groups, flashmob attacks in which a dozen Sanders supporters gang up on an individual, reporting of opposing comments as spam, attacking individual social media profiles of Hillary supporters, thread stalking (following a person across several conversations, groups, and even sites), and even doxing (investigating and posting personal data online). Many group administrators have abandoned their own groups because they cannot deal with the level of hostility from these people. It must be stopped.

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