Saturday, February 27, 2016

On Feeling The Blister

S. Carolina Primary and Bernie isn’t there today. Who can guess why? | Uppity Woman:

...If I could channel Bernie’s brain right now, I know what I would find. I’d find the aging hippy who never moved on, who never held a job until he got a government job at age 40, mumbling about how he needs an ego fix, and knowing he’s not going to get that from adults with any wisdom. He wants those easy-to-dupe college kids who score high on the Narcissist scale, so he can promise them they will never have to get off their own Entitled Asses and take responsibility for their own Special Snowflake lives. The ones who are accustomed to getting a trophy just for showing up. And as we all know, history is riddled with charismatics who targeted the young as their “army”. It never ended well. So we need to end it before its dirty root takes hold. But Bernie’s followers don’t know what’s being done to their heads. That’s the job of people who recognize him for what he is...

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