Friday, May 26, 2017

Can The Electors Be Arrested?

I wonder how they feel right now about not doing their damn Constitutionally mandated jobs to protect the country from thieves, liars, crooks, and raging orange incompetents? Today we learn that frat boy Kushner was trying to set-up secret communication links with the Russians, and this is just the latest dribble in the flood of nasty, yellow, treasonous water that has cascaded out of the tRump White House.

Some enterprising journalist, who is not afraid of being assaulted, ought to track them down and ask them to "share their thoughts" on being the spineless losers who let this ramshackle mess sashay into D.C.  So what if they got a fine? I'm sure a million GoFundMes would spring up to pay the fines of any who did their patriotic duty and said no to a sexual predator being allowed in the Oval Office.

Update: Just saw this (Sunday morning) concerning the electors and overturning the election. Interesting read.

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