Monday, May 29, 2017

Ms. Lindsey Upset At Comey Over Fake Email

Graham: It’s ‘Stunning’ That Comey Acted On Fake Russian Intel In 2016 – Talking Points Memo:

...“I can’t imagine a scenario where it’s OK for the FBI director to jump in the middle of an election based on a fake email generated by the Russians and not tell the Congress,” Graham said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

CNN reported last week that Comey used emails fabricated by Russian intelligence, in which a Clinton operative and DNC official discussed assurances from the Justice Department that it would quash the investigation, to justify his norm-breaking public announcements about the case. Comey believed the emails to be fake, but decided to disclose his findings out of concern that the credibility of the DOJ’s probe would be damaged if the emails leaked...


Anonymous said...

Very glad to see you posting again! I really like your short but informative posts, with links to news I don't see elsewhere.

Bob Harrison said...

Back for the moment. Don't know how long I'll last but I appreciate the support.