Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bill Makes Money

The Spine: "...We're fortunate that Geffen did not wait for his. What he said to Maureen Dowd was on almost everybody's mind, even on the minds of those who out of habit or delight with the glitz just naturally found themselves in whoever's dining room was raising cash for Hillary. The fact is that the Clintons are all about money. There's a truly shocking story in this morning's Washington Post about how Bill earned $40 million in the last four years just in speaking fees. A lot of this was Arab money, which doesn't mean he doesn't love his rich Jews (he must) ... or Israel, for that matter. It tells you just how easy it is for him to fake his affections. Or to carry two loves in his breast at the same time..."

Wonder how much the various GOPers pulled in last year? They just hate it when a Democrat starts making serious money.

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