Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Silence of The Blogs

Apparently I was not the only person guttersplattering through Rightblogistan looking for support on the unfolding Walter Reed Scandal. I found nothing. A vast empty place, like unto a black hole at the center of a microscopic neutron galaxy, was all my sensors could detect. Not even the Malkinborg were transwarping; at best, they could only blame the liberals for undermining the good coach roaches of Walter Reed. Sorry no links from me on that. Observe that Think Progress also had its vast antennae extended.

Think Progress: "...In our post, we linked to the unofficial Imus Blog, whose author Big Roy acknowledges that he “routinely slam[s] liberal politicians and media.” Yet, on Friday, Roy wrote a post titled, “Why Don’t Conservatives Support The Troops?”

During the past week I’ve gotten several links from some of the biggest liberal blogs/websites on the internet, Crooks & Liars, Think Progress, and Daily Kos. These are not sites that would normally link to this blog. As anyone who reads my blog knows I routinely slam liberal politicians and media.

But these guys rose above politics to try and bring awareness to the problems at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Some might say they’re doing it as an opportunity to slam the Bush Administration. I don’t think that’s it. I think it’s a genuine concern for active duty soldiers and veterans.

I wondered why I hadn’t received a single link from a conservative blog or website. I thought well they just didn’t like any of my posts. So I went and checked the right wing blogs I normally read when I get time, Redstate, Pajama Media, Hot Air, and Michelle Malkin. Except for Ms. Malkin, not one of these sites even mentioned the Washington Post Story or anything about Walter Reed that I could find. When Malkin talks about it. She was not able to rise above politics and used it as an opportunity to slam the liberal media and democrats."

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