Monday, May 28, 2007

On Sicko

Anthony Kaufman: I Dare Rush Limbaugh to See Sicko And Not Shed A Tear | The Huffington Post
"...Moore is such a polarizing figure that many people will swear off seeing the film, of course. But as Moore said at the Cannes press conference, he now has a track record that should answer his most vehement critics. "I would hope by now that I could catch a break," he said. "That somebody will say: 'We don't like the way this guys looks, but he warned us about General Motors, he warned us about high school shootings, he warned us about Bush and the reasons for this war,' and it's my profound hope will people listen this time. Because I don't wait 10 or 20 years before we have universal healthcare, and we, as Americans, take a look into our soul, so we can be better citizens in this world."

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