Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wondering About Al

Thursday: The Quiet Coup of 2008 « The Confluence

"...She also wonders what ever happened to Franken in Minnesota. The unresolved senate case was presented before the Minnesota Supreme Court in the first week of June and we’ve been waiting ever since. Franken is the Democrat’s 60th vote. He is the filibuster proofer. OoooooOOOOOooooo! Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln might have to act like Democrats since there would be no reason for them to give away the store anymore. Well, we’ll have none of that. It appears that nothing is happening in Minnesota. One *almost* suspects that there’s a deal to get most of the tricky legislation off of the table before the Senate recesses and THEN the Minnesota Supreme Court will say Franken won. The delay is somewhat inexplicable. From what I read previously, there was virtually no way that Coleman could emerge victorious. The ruling imeediately previous to this one pretty much told him to give it up already. So, what gives?..."


billy pilgrim said...

i wanna see al take his seat in the senate with a little satellite dish on his head.

Bob said...

And a golden shield on his back.