Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Generation Learns The Truth About Apple

There are some of us who loathe Apple, for various reasons. I learned decades ago that they are just like most corporations-- they will knowingly lie straight to your face if it means profit. So the world's coolest company lies? Gasp! Shock! Get me to the fainting couch where I can join the hordes of Osupporters who are just now discovering that they have reelected George Bush The Lesser.

Steve Jobs nearly died and lied about it | ZDNet Healthcare | "...Paul Argenti of Dartmouth’s business school says Apple deserves to face SEC action for lieing about Jobs’ condition, which is the outgrowth of his 2004 pancreatic cancer.

I hate to be one of those birds pecking at Prometheus, but I agree.

This would not be the first time for Jobs on the SEC’s operating table. He was questioned in a scandal over the backdating of stock options, with Jobs later telling Forbes “nobody loves me...”"

I remember Apples advertising slogan just before they introduced the Mac-- "Apple II Forever." Forever turned out to be just a few months and those of us who had spent small fortunes on Apple IIs were summarily dumped in the trash heap. That's when I bought my first PC and I haven't looked back (well, except for that ipod.)

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