Sunday, June 03, 2012

MoDo Laments O

You brung him to the dance, now dosey-doe. Dreaming of a Superhero -
Update: note the comment by freespirit in Comments.


Anonymous said...

Love your dance comment. lol

And sensing the changing winds, MoDo who at one time had an extreme case of the hots for O, has decided it's in her best interest not to offer an excuse for his poor performance, and to go ahead and cite a few of his shortcomings. She's about as sincere as Obama reading one of his "impassioned" speeches about his love (please!) of country.

I expect, like other media hacks who have functioned as Obama's PR team, she's also getting about as nervous as a whore in church. She and her fellow "journalists" (using the term loosely) bear a huge responsibility for the shape this country has found itself in since they (MSM) abused power and the public trust, and helped put O the fraud into the White House.


Bob said...

I could not agree more with your comment!