Friday, August 31, 2012

GOP On The Hypocrisy & Irony Express

Clint Eastwood’s Turn at GOP Convention Part of Republicans’ Swooning Over Stars - The Daily Beast

Thursday evening, just before the final night of the Republican convention got underway, the editor in chief of the conservative Iowa Republican website tweeted, “Obama campaign sending Ashley Judd and Ben McKenzie to Iowa to campaign. You know tts [sic] bad when you have to get actors to campaign for you...”

...Conservatives like to pretend that, unlike liberals, they’re above the shallow charms of Hollywood. But whenever a remotely famous person identifies as conservative, the GOP swoons, whatever the star’s personal history. (Sondra Locke, who was Eastwood’s partner for more than a decade, famously claimed that he pressured her into two abortions and then a sterilization.) This is, after all, the party of Ronald Reagan. It’s the party that made Eastwood the mayor of Carmel and Arnold Schwarzenegger the governor of California. Before Hurricane Isaac shortened the convention, it was planning on giving a speaking role to reality-TV troll Donald Trump, who briefly led the primary polls. Al Franken aside, performers have much better luck as Republicans than as Democrats...

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