Friday, August 31, 2012

Ryan Gets Rehammered

Social media analysis: Ryan called out for claims in convention speech - NBC Politics

Paul Ryan was getting hammered on social media for what commenters say was his dishonesty in his address Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention, according to's computer-assisted analysis of thousands of Twitter and Facebook posts through midday Thursday. But the controversy didn't appear to be changing many people's votes...

And therein lies the fundamental problem with many people: even when shown the error of their ways, people had rather swallow their own bile and gag and die rather than admit they made a mistake. Magical thinking abounds. Apparent illogical contradiction becomes truthy dogma; lies, repeated often enough and loud enough, become facts, and the whole twisted morass tornadoes for decades through the pliable minds of the believers until they descend into madness or simply fizzle into automatons, eschewing thought and endlessly jerking the straight party lever. For some people there is no hope-- they know what they know because they know what they know.

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