Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Daily Flashback: The Other ACORN Shoe

Maybe I've forgotten or maybe I missed it but I never heard this part of ACORN story:
Judge: Former ACORN worker can sue James O’Keefe | The Raw Story
...The video made it appear that Vera had given human-smuggling advice to O’Keefe and Giles while the two conservative activists were dressed as a pimp and prostitute.
However, it was later revealed that Vera had reported their fake child prostitution ring to the police. A California state investigation later cleared Vera and other ACORN workers of any wrongdoing...


Alessandro Machi said...

The key issue for me is...when did Vera report the activity to police. If it was before O'Keefe went public with the tapes, then he is completely in the wrong.

If however, Vera only reported the incident after the incident was made public by O'Keefe, and assuming that O'Keefe waited a few days, then O'Keefe should be in the clear.

The comments section of that article are so over the top and so completely against O'Keefe, something like 99% plus the other 1%, very creepy because the article does not reveal the timeline of when Vera reported the incident to police.

Bob said...

I agree-- on both points. I've dug around a bit since I was also curious about the timing but I found nothing conclusive. Although the impression I received was that the incident was reported to the police almost immediately, but that, of course could be entirely wrong.