Friday, June 28, 2013

Perry Waxes Stupid

Rick Perry Slams Wendy Davis for Being Alive | Crooks and Liars:
...Rick Perry’s arrogant comments were not just without dignity, reflecting a dark and negative point of view – they were calculatedly obtuse, an intentional ignorance of the English language. Because pro-choice means admitting women are not only capable enough to rise from the sort of adversity Wendy Davis did to become Harvard educated lawyers and members of the Texas Senate, but to make decisions about their lives and their bodies by themselves – whether that is an abortion, or choosing to have a child and raise it even in difficult circumstances. Rick Perry is deliberately equating abortion with women being intelligent enough to make decisions for themselves as is any white, male conservative, something he seems fundamentally incapable of recognizing. To have a child, or not, is a choice that belongs solely to a couple or individual woman involved, and the state has no right to insinuate itself into that decision...

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