Sunday, March 09, 2014

Christie's Real Problem

Chris Christie's 2016 problem has nothing to do with a bridge - CBS News:

...This line of criticism isn't new. Christie has drawn ire from conservatives for years, and many saw his cozying up to President Obama in the wake of Hurricane Sandy as an intentional message that he frankly doesn't care. But if he's serious about 2016, conference-goers seemed to agree, Christie needs to realize: The bridge fallout may fade. His longstanding problem relating to the types of conservative activists who frequent such cattle calls will not.

"He's very liberal, in my opinion," proffered English Hinton from Florida. Though she said she'd opt for the lesser of two evils in the event Christie did secure the 2016 GOP nomination, she emphatically clarified she would never even consider voting for him in the primary...
Well, not really. Christie's real problem is that he was finally exposed for what he is to the voters who kept putting him in office (the same type who keep electing lunatics in the South): low information voters. In Christie's case. these voters came from the Democratic party; he lost the Democratic vote on a bridge too crowded.

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