Thursday, March 13, 2014

Crazy In NC: Burr v. Canada Edition

Canadian doctor makes anti-Obamacare senator look like a buffoon -

Speaking before a Senate subcommittee on Tuesday, Dr. Danielle Martin, vice president at the Women’s College Hospital in Toronto, masterfully showed how to smack down a disingenuous politician’s misleading and misinformed questions with courtesy, intelligence and, well, facts.
In this instance, the role of disingenuous and ill-informed politician was played by North Carolina’s GOP Sen. Richard Burr, who decided to use his question time to imply that the Canadian healthcare system was bad because it led to Canadian doctors moving to America and rich people going to the U.S. to get complicated and expensive surgery. These were both good points — except for the fact that they were, as Martin made clear, completely wrong...


billy pilgrim said...

I've read lots of right wing blogs that say our health care system is "rationed". it's not rationed, it's prioritized. those with life threatening conditions go to the front of the line whereas those wanting elective surgery are put on waiting lists.

also, our taxes are not twice as high. our rates are quite reasonable but we don't have as many loopholes as you and our mortgages are not tax deductible. in fact our corporate taxes are lower.

Bob Harrison said...

no sane person would believe the nonsense spouted about canada's health care system, which is cosmically better than our system. if in fact you can even call what we have a system. i prefer to think of it as a competing collection of ravenous vampires. ( if a bunch of gooses is a "gaggle of geese"-- what's a bunch of vampires called? oh, and my contribution is a group of blondes, which i have named a "babble," thus, you have a "babble of blondes.")