Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spending Your Defense Dollar

Shrinking Size Of The Army - Why A Larger Navy And A Smaller Army Just Isn't A Good Idea - Esquire:

...So you see, putting our eggs in the Navy basket may be a bad idea since apparently as highly touted as our technology may be, it is demonstrably not good enough. The Chinese have demonstrated that they can get inside our most alert and capable screening force and come to the surface as a sort of international military signal for "Gotcha!" The practical implication is that they could sink that ship if they wanted to, even if the DF-21s did not get there first. What we need is a lot of little carriers, if we must have carriers at all, so that the loss of any one is not catastrophic. As my friend Jerry Hendrix says, "Buy Fords, not Ferraris," and he is spot on with that assessment...

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