Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blow Hard Walker Caught In Lies

Scott Walker’s lying mess: How a tough Wisconsin teacher schooled the governor -

...Felske closes her letter by remembering their freshman orientation at Marquette University. “I graduated from Marquette and later became Wisconsin High School Teacher of the Year. You never graduated, and you became the Governor of the State of Wisconsin bent on dismantling public education. Ironic, isn’t it? Situational irony at its best. I’d laugh if its ramifications weren’t so utterly destructive for the state of Wisconsin.”

Will Walker’s latest fibs be destructive for his presidential bid? We’ll find out. The national media has yet to dig deeply into the many nagging questions about Walker’s career, from his Marquette student government hijinks to his mysterious departure from the university, to his Red Cross years, to all the details of the two John Doe probes that led to the conviction of six aides and close associates...

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