Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Jeb & Bro

Sen. Feinstein Cracks Scathing Joke About Jeb Bush Candidacy:

...W. Bush’s deep unpopularity primarily stemmed from lying to the country in order to invade Iraq and allowing Wall Street to run roughshod over regulations, nearly crashing the world economy. But No Child Left Behind was also a signature Bush ‘achievement’ and it is also unpopular. The public mostly has negative opinions about it, and teachers overwhelmingly disapprove of it. The prevailing view is that it crushed teacher creativity to focus on standardized testing and has led to an epidemic of teacher burnout. This is just one small strand in the great tapestry of George W. Bush’s legacy as the worst president in American history. Who wouldn’t want to ride those coattails?

Feinstein’s joke is brilliant because it packs all these unique Jeb Bush weaknesses into one pithy punch.

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