Tuesday, February 10, 2015

FBI Working For Keystone?

Anti-Oil Sands Activists Getting Visits From The FBI - Esquire:

...Which brings us back to this story. The idea that your friendly neighborhood Fed is stopping by to "learn more about the movement" should be chilling for a number of reasons. The first is, as we mentioned, the FBI has no business dropping in on citizens who have not committed a crime, nor are they suspected of having committed one, and especially not at the behest of a private multinational concern. There is a name for what happens when the government's law-enforcement powers are put at the direct convenience of private corporations. The second is that, should the president approve the death funnel, which seems less likely than it once did, but which is still a very live possibility, the resistance to the project is not going to resolve itself into a dew. There are going to be demonstrations (peaceful, one hopes) up and down the route of the pipeline, from northern Alberta to the Gulf of Mexico. That the FBI is already gathering intelligence indicates that the Bureau knows this and is warming up for such eventualities. Names are going into a file, somewhere. This never has worked out well in the area of political dissent in this country, and, given the fact that we now have a staggering network of covert domestic intelligence-gathering and a huge government law-enforcement apparatus, it's unlikely to work out well in the future, either...

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