Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Comment Of The Day: Good Guys With Guns Edition

Larry Pratt Doubles Down On Ben Carson's Holocaust Gun Fantasy | Crooks and Liars

So according to him, the Jews were responsible for the Holocaust because the pussied out... Wonder how that will go down with AIPAC.. And
the fact is that, while Umpqua did have a no-weapons policy, the Oregon state supreme court made a decision in, I believer 2011-12 that allowed licensed concealed carry on campuses regardless of college policy, so Umpqua was NOT a gun-free zone. And an FBI study of 62 mass shootings revealed that not in one case did the shooter choose his target based on it being a gun-free zone. And of course, its axiomatic that the Big Gun Grab is a huge government secret - the same government that leaks confidential information like a sieve... and when it doesn't happen,he'll claim it was because Obama didn't have the guts to carry out his nefarious plan.
Conspiracy asshats always have an excuse why their idiotic 'theories' never materialize.

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