Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pierce And The Great Mulligan

Bill O'Reilly, Ronald Reagan, and the History We'd Rather Not Know:

...Of course, The Great Mulligan always was a creature formed in the gap between the history we believe and the history we'd rather not know. It is how we allowed the last administration to stonewall an independent investigation into their failures. It is how we allowed Condoleezza Rice, the worst national-security advisor in the country's history, to get promoted and not fired. It is how we allowed the predominant image of those awful days to be C-Plus Augustus on a pile of rubble with a bullhorn, instead of its being him on his hellhole of a Potemkin Ranch, pretending to work and blowing off CIA briefings while the plot went on in the summer of 2001. If all those issues are re-litigated now, the people who did their damnedest to keep them from being litigated at all have only themselves to blame...

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