Sunday, October 25, 2015

On GOPer Insanity

Uppity Woman | I'm just one of those Uppity Women. Live with it.:

...What is the agenda of the radical Republicans? No restrictions whatsoever on any form of weaponry. No unions. No Social Security or Medicare. No abortion. on penalty of death or imprisonment. No voting rights for people who might tend to vote Democratic. No minimum wage. No workplace protections. No restrictions whatsoever on any corporate activity, including pollution. No Food and Drug Administration. No Environmental Protection Agency. 1870’s social darwinism multiplied by all the decades since then.

And who is going to stop them in this holy crusade? People who keep thinking that we can negotiate or compromise with them; that they ultimately have the same goals that we do? People who talk about there being “no red and no blue states?” Political figures who give their House Majority Leader 98% of what they want, and then praise the Republicans for “compromising”? Those who for whatever reason, want to insist that “the Republicans are not our enemy”? If you are being attacked by an army whose members declaim that they will never surrender, they will not negotiate a truce, they will fight to the death even if the battle destroys everything around them, what can one reasonably do but fight them with the same fierceness?...

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