Sunday, December 20, 2015

About That Theft, Bernie

The Thief Says He’s The Victim. Meh. At Least This Debate Will Be Interesting | Uppity Woman:

...Listen, a couple of you left a window in your homes open to air a room out, so I just hopped in and stole your jewelry.

It’s your fault, you know. If you had closed your window, I wouldn’t have your stuff right now. So suck it up and don’t pick on me. Oh and by the way, I dropped my keys in your house while I was foraging. I need to get back in. If you don’t let me back in, I’m going to sue you. Okay?

Why are you picking on me! Can’t you see I am old white guy? Rank has its privileges, you know! There you go again!!!!:...

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