Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Not Letting Go Of PP Murders

And I hope other people don't either.

Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooting - You Can't Blame Republican Rhetoric, Says S.E. Cupp:

...Can I also mention that the "rhetoric" prior to the FRC shooting consisted of the Southern Poverty Law Center's listing of the FRC as an anti-gay hate group, an accusation that, as far as I know, never was picked up by any major Democratic politician, and that the accusation has not stopped Tony Perkins from enjoying the fruits of television celebrity, or prevented Republican politicians from seeking his counsel and endorsement? Whereas, the completely phony Planned Parenthood videos have been a major talking-point among all major Republican politicians this year, including every one of the presidential candidates. They have been used all over the radio to rouse the rabble, and they have been a staple of Mr. Murdoch's Angry Shut-In TV News. This has resulted in a major hit to the organization's finances and, now, it has led to a crazy man's killing three people, including an Iraq war veteran and a cop...

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