Tuesday, December 08, 2015

On The Gun License

Gun Control Is A Quagmire, But Here's A Realistic Solution | Crooks and Liars

...For my idea to work, we'll need to create a new department of the Federal government - let's call them "The Department Of Firearm Safety," or "DFS" - and their job is to work much like the DMV, but for gun control. The DFS would have offices all over America, pretty much wherever a DMV office exists. And if you want to own a gun, you'll need to spend some time there. If you're a gun owner, this already sounds terrible, but stay with me… I think it gets better...

I've seen this idea proposed many times over the years, but it has never gained any traction. Perhaps, it is time it should, though I think it will take a ruling from the SCOTUS to get the ball rolling.

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