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O'Clinton Complaint

CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive - Obama campaign files FEC complaint against pro-Clinton group « - Blogs from "(CNN) – Barack Obama’s campaign has filed a formal complaint over a pro-Hillary Clinton group running ads attacking the Illinois senator on jobs and the economy in the critical primary state of Indiana..."

Webb Pushes GI Bill

GI bill sparks Senate war - David Rogers -

"From Annapolis to Vietnam and back to the Pentagon, John McCain and Jim Webb trod the same paths before coming to the Senate. Iraq divides them today, but there’s also the new kinship of being anxious fathers watching their sons come and go with Marine units in the war.


So what does it say about Washington that two such men, with so much in common, are locked in an increasingly intense debate over a shared value: education benefits for veterans?

“It’s very odd,” said former Nebraska Democratic Sen. Bob Kerrey, a mutual friend. And that oddness gets greater by the day as the two headstrong senators barrel down colliding tracks.

An Arizona Republican, McCain has all but locked up the Republican presidential nomination and is preparing for a fall campaign in which his support of the Iraq war is sure to be a major issue. Yet the former Navy pilot and Vietnam POW makes himself a target by refusing to endorse Webb’s new GI education bill and instead signing on to a Republican alternative that focuses more on career soldiers than on the great majority who leave after their first four years.


Undaunted, Webb, who was a Marine infantry officer in Vietnam, is closing in on the bipartisan support needed to overcome procedural hurdles in the Senate, where the cost of his package — estimated now at about $52 billion over 10 years — is sure to be an issue. But McCain’s support would seal the deal like nothing else, and the new Republican bill, together with a letter of opposition Tuesday from Defense Secretary Robert Gates, threatens to peel off support before the Democrat gets to the crucial threshold of 60 votes. ..."



NC News Snippet

The Confluence


...Finally, North Carolina has a long tradition of an independent African-American press. I think this article, from the Winston-Salem Chronicle,describing Hillary’s campaign shows an even-handedness not seen in much of the rest of the MSM:


Dyson (the Rev Marcia Dyson, a Hillary supporter) says she is voting her interests. She believes Clinton will worker harder to address the issues that affect African-Americans and especially black women. Dyson was impressed when Clinton stated during a debate last year that the nation’s response to HIV/AIDS would be stronger if the disease were affecting white women at the same rate as black women.



PTSD Causes Olfactory Problems

Veterans Report - Lost Sense of Smell Linked to PTSD: "Research published in the April 2008 edition of the Psychological Medicine journal suggests that Vietnam veterans with extreme Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) have a reduced sense of smell. The University of Melbourne and Austin Health study in Australia tested 31 war veterans with PTSD and found that those with the most extreme emotional problems were least able to name different smells."

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Governor Easley Endorses Hillary

Senior Moments, Junior Moments

Once upon a time I caught a political discussion between , if I remember correctly, Alec Baldwin and Bill Maher. Maher was stressing over John Kerry's managling the joke about Bush, education, and Iraq. Maher was asserting that it was all nonsense and Kerry misspoke and it shouldn't be held against him. While Baldwin agreed in principle, he made a darn good point by observing that long, stressful campaigns should separate the wheat from the chaff and the "gaffe gauge" will be indicative of a President who misspeaks and otherwise does stupid and inappropriate things.


John McCain has had quite few gaffes lately and apparently can't keep it straight who is who in Iraq, Iran, and the rest of the Moslem world. Barack Obama's luck hasn't been much better with every other utterance pouring metaphorical hot coffee in the laps of and mashing the knuckles of blue collar America.


We could use a gaffe-free week or so to examine the issues, couldn't we? Between McCain's "Senior Moments" and Obama's "Junior Moments" I don't know that we're going to ever going to see that blessed lull, though.

The Daily Flashback: Memorable Speeches Edition

Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You!

Approaching Irony Overload

Pots and kettles, pots and kettles, pots and kettles... Crooks and Liars » Chris Matthews Scolds Media For Getting Too Cozy With Bush: Forgets his own behavior

More Overpaid CEOs


Maryland balks at pay package for former CareFirst CEO - Washington Business Journal:

The Maryland Insurance Administration argued Monday that the nearly $18 million CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield is prepared to pay William Jews, its former top executive, is too much.


Attorneys with the state agency said the MIA wants to cut the annual and long-term incentives CareFirst, the region's largest health insurer, plans to pay Jews, who left the nonprofit in November 2006. The insurance administration also argued that the primary focus of a nonprofit is not to generate profits or encourage its top managers with incentives to increase profits. ...


Monday, April 28, 2008

NC Gov Goes Clinton

The Associated Press: APNewsBreak: Gov. Easley to endorse Clinton: "RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Gov. Mike Easley will endorse Hillary Rodham Clinton for president, The Associated Press has learned.

Easley was expected to announce the endorsement Tuesday morning in Raleigh, the state capital, one week before North Carolina's primary on May 6, according to persons close to the governor and to Clinton. The individuals spoke on condition of anonymity because a formal announcement had not yet been made.

Easley is a Democratic superdelegate who has served two terms as governor. His decision comes despite several recent polls showing Clinton trailing rival Barack Obama ahead of the state's May 6 primary..."

On The Other Rev.Wrongs

The Liberal Press Hearts the Reverend Wright : NO QUARTER: "...On the matter of Falwell and Robertson, remember THEIR reaction to 9/11 and who was to blame? Terrorists sure, but according to these two the terrorists were forced to do what they did because the usual suspects - abortionists, the ACLU, gays and so forth - proved to be so provocative that Osama bin Laden couldn’t take it anymore and unleashed the hounds. And you know, it’s funny - back then most sane people in the press rejected those lunatic views out of hand with no parsing of any kind. So what happened, Joan? Why do the “Reverend” Wright’s loony views get the benefit of the doubt while Pat and Jerry’s observations about the root causes of 9/11 remain consigned to a rubber room?"...

Kristol Konnects

Hillary Gets No Respect - New York Times: "I normally don’t claim to speak for other members of the vast right-wing conspiracy. After all, we’re each nefarious in our own, individual way. Indeed, we often disagree with one another.

But I do think I can speak for most of my fellow right-wingers when I say this: We once looked forward with unambivalent glee to the fall of the house of Clinton. Many of us still do. But we also see the liberal media failing to give Hillary Clinton the respect she deserves. So, since we conservatives believe in giving credit where credit is due, it falls to us to praise Hillary..."

My head is about to explode.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Harry and Adlai

Following is the final paragraph in a long, thorough post evaluating where the Democratic Party was and is. Excellent poli-sci analysis. Check it out.

Anglachel's Journal: Blowback Ahead: "...The problem in this election is the tunnel vision of the party elite who insist on demonizing wide swaths of Democratic Party voters based on biases that simply do not reflect demographic or political reality. There will be a long-term political price to pay for insisting that working class voters don't have concrete interests, but are only voting out of bigotry. Obama will pay his part of that price soon, whether in the primaries or in the general. The party will be paying for years."

The split within the Party could, at last, be the beginnings of a viable third party.

Sleeping With The Fishes



Eleanor Clift


Settling Scores


If Hillary Clinton finds a way to win, she'll have a long list of grudges and grievances.


I'm beginning to think Hillary Clinton might pull this off and wrestle the nomination away from Barack Obama. If she does, a lot of folks—including a huge chunk of the media—will join Bill Richardson (a.k.a. Judas) in the Deep Freeze. If the Clintons get back into the White House, it will be retribution time, like the Corleone family consolidating power in "The Godfather," where the watchword is, "It's business, not personal."


Strong words from someone so firmly in the O'Tank, and someone I've been very disappointed with this primary season. Clift has joined the all-women anti-women roost populated by the likes of Dowd and Althouse, but I digress.


A careful reading of the novel reveals one of the finest books every written about management. It also helps explain why people sometimes tend to trust criminals more than they should. Like Vito Corleone, some less than stellar individuals understand a central fact of humanity-- there's no such thing as "it's just business."  Everything-- everything-- is personal, and we all take every event that way. Few of us can be dispassionate, for istance, when the boss walks in and says "Son, gonna have to let you go. We're downsizing. Sorry, but it's just business."


All Bubbas understand this. Most of us have been there. It is all personal. Andthey do, in fact, "feel our pain."

Iranian Liberals Progress?

Quoted from


Think Progress

he AP reports that according to final results today, conservatives “consolidated control of Iran’s legislature in run-off elections,” but at the same time, opponents of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also gained strength in the Parliament. Reformists in Iran “favor greater democracy, closer ties with the West, and reducing clerical powers in Iran” and made a “respectable showing even after most of their candidates were barred from running.” The results suggest the “hard-line” Ahmadinejad “is growing increasingly vulnerable ahead of a bid for re-election next


No Issue News

Bowling 1, Health Care 0 - New York Times: "FOR the last month, news media attention was focused on Pennsylvania and its Democratic primary. Given the gargantuan effort, what did we learn?

Well, the rancor of the campaign was covered. The amount of money spent was covered. But in Pennsylvania, as in the rest of the country this political season, the information about the candidates’ priorities, policies and principles — information that voters will need to choose the next president — too often did not make the cut. After having spent more than a year on the campaign trail with my husband, John Edwards, I’m not surprised.

Why? Here’s my guess: The vigorous press that was deemed an essential part of democracy at our country’s inception is now consigned to smaller venues, to the Internet and, in the mainstream media, to occasional articles. I am not suggesting that every journalist for a mainstream media outlet is neglecting his or her duties to the public. And I know that serious newspapers and magazines run analytical articles, and public television broadcasts longer, more probing segments..."

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Comment of the Day

Comments at

"Okay, I feel a need to speak up here, because I am seeing comments along the lines of how can the whole AA community, who loved and respected the Clintons for so many years, now suddenly think they are racists?? It's crazy!"

The short answer is that, of course, THEY DON'T. Please, please differentiate in your minds two SEPARATE facts:

1) AA's are voting for Obama at around 90%

2) Some AA Obamabots and "leaders" are saying that they and the whole community are mad at the Clintons.

Those two things are not one and the same. The first is undeniably true - AA's are voting for Obama.

But the assumption that the claims of Clyburn and JJ Junior are the reason for it, that the vast majority of those votes are stemming from anger at the Clintons is a LIE. Many, many AA's are voting for him because they feel they must support him, and are deeply moved by his candidacy regardless of his obvious flaws. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THEY HATE THE CLINTONS. Poll after poll has shown this not to be true. You may be disappointed in those people (as I am), but DO NOT turn them all into angry haters in your head.

Are some angry and deceived by the accusations against Bill? Yes. Some are. But please don't buy the spin that ALL of those 90% are angry at Hillary and Bill.

Voting for Obama and thinking Bill is a racist are NOT ONE AND THE SAME in the AA community. Please, please try to make that distinction and remember that.

Supreme Rant On Capital Punishment

Long but very good clip of a Boston Legal case being argued in front of the Supreme Court.

O'Karma, O'Karma

The Swamp: Former Obama friend stumps for Clinton: "One bonus for Barack Obama (D-IL) as he campaigns in Indiana is that so many friends from his home state can just drive across the state line to help him out.

Then again, it's also a short trip for the occasional hometown pol who has been crossed by Obama, such as one featured guest doing the Hoosier tour today.

Joining Chelsea Clinton and other women leaders to campaign for Hillary Clinton today is Alice Palmer, the former state senator who picked Obama to be her successor back in the mid-90s. When she tried to reclaim her spot, though, Obama got her booted from the ballot..."

Barracks for Charlie CO 2/508 82n Airborne

Living Bad In The U S A

Friday, April 25, 2008

KO Comment KO'd

Joan Walsh - "Rachel Sklar is my hero today for this blog post calling out Keith Olbermann for his vivid, seemingly violent comment about how to get Hillary Clinton out of the Democratic primary race on Wednesday night. (In case you missed it: Howard Fineman suggested that some unnamed super superdelegate was going to have to find a way to persuade her, and Olbermann answered: 'Right. Somebody who can take her into a room and only he comes out.' Video here.)"

Oily O'Lying

Quoted from


Obama’s Credibility Gap : NO QUARTER

Obama continues to say one thing and do another. The Los Angeles Times reported on Wednesday that Obama has continued to take money from oil executives:


Sen. Barack Obama continued accepting donations from oil company executives and employees last month even as he aired ads in which he stated he took no oil company money, his campaign finance reports show.


Obama has taken at least $263,000 from oil company executives, family members and employees since entering the presidential race last year, including $46,000 last month. At least $140,000 has come in chunks of between $1,000 and $2,300, the maximum permitted under federal law.


Obama supporters will point out that Hillary also take money from oil executives. She freely admits this, saying: ...


Sen .Obama's television ads saying he takes no money from "lobbyists" are truly annoying and obviously untrue.


Clinton Drops NC!

Breaking News: Clinton To Pull Name off North Carolina Primary Ballot! | Corrente: "*

In what is being heralded as one of the most momentous and politically astute moves of this extended primary campaign, Hillary Clinton’s Communication Director, Howard Wolfson, has signaled that the Clinton Campaign will be withdrawing from the North Carolina contest and focusing all of their efforts on the other May 6th primary in the state of Indiana..."

Snark alert! But do read the rest; it's fun.

No Private Armies

Search Results - THOMAS (Library of Congress): "Stop Outsourcing Security Act (Introduced in House)

HR 4102 IH


1st Session

H. R. 4102

To phase out the use of private military contractors.


Clinton Pulling GOPers?

Simply Left Behind: The Non-Rapturist's Guide To The Galaxy: "1) Interesting analysis of the Pennsylvania primary here. I draw your attention to the very bottom of the decision tree. In counties where Bush beat Kerry badly in 2004, Clinton wins an overwhelming number, meaning that in truth, Clinton is the one who is drawing Republicans to her side, not Obama..."

Murdoch Rules

Murdoch too powerful for government regulators | Reuters: "WASHINGTON (Hollywood Reporter) - The dirty little secret about Rupert Murdoch's plan to add Newsday to his stable of New York media properties is that there's little anybody can do to stop him.

In the topsy-turvy world of media regulation, Murdoch or any other media baron can own a TV station and then buy a newspaper in the same market, and there's not much federal regulators can do about it directly..."

Why Am I A Democrat?, Part 99

Go here to read the whole sorry excuse: David Sirota: Hill: D.C. Dems Back Off Health Care Promises - Politics on The Huffington Post: "In a stunning - if predictable - story, the Hill newspaper reports that congressional Democrats are now saying that they will effectively thwart any effort to create a national health care program..."

Thursday, April 24, 2008

No Sexism Here

Media Matters - MSNBC's Shuster, Carlson discuss purported "cackle," laugh over "Hillary laughing pen": "Summary: On MSNBC Live, David Shuster presented to Tucker Carlson 'a Hillary laughing pen' -- a pen shaped in the likeness of Hillary Clinton's head with a mouth that moves as the pen makes a laughing noise. In response, Carlson stated: 'I can't tell you, David, how much I appreciate this, how much I appreciate your going through Chris' mail while he's gone and how much I'm really going to miss that cackle. I hope it goes on forever. It's brought light to my life...'"

Fairly disgusting pix at the link.

Update: Relevant post on the subject from Shakesville. Here, too.

Scalia Flips-Off World

Quoted from


Crooks and Liars » 60 Minutes: Scalia On Bush v. Gore 2000: “Get Over It”

During an interview set to air on this Sunday’s 60 Minutes, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said that people need to get over the court’s 5-4 decision to select George Bush over Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election:


Scalia repeated his earlier statement that people should “get over” the court’s ruling in 2000 that halted Florida’ s vote recount, giving the presidential election to Republican Bush over Democrat Al Gore.


“I say nonsense,” Scalia said, when asked about critics who say the 5-4 ruling was based on politics and not justice. “Get over it. It’s so old by now.” Read on…


This is an insult to America and the planet. The death and destruction that George Bush and his regime have unleashed since his selection will take decades, perhaps generations to repair and Scalia has the nerve to say something like this? Our Constitution is being shredded, our military is broken and bogged down in two failing military conflicts that have left hundreds of thousands dead, our economy is in the tank with more Americans on food stamps and lacking health insurance than at any time in modern history, and we’re supposed to get over it? No, Justice Scalia, we will not get over it — at least not any time soon.

Delegate Counting

1920* - 2008 Progress or pandering | Corrente: "what's so weird is that 1 delegate in Idaho, which only had like 9000 participants total, equals like 25-50,000 NYC voters."

Email Of The Day

"President Bush, First Lady Laura and Dick Cheney were flying on Air Force One. George looked at Laura, chuckled and said, 'You know, I could throw a $1,000 bill out of the window right now and make somebody very happy.'

Laura shrugged her shoulders and replied, 'I could throw ten $100 bills out of the window and make ten people very happy.'

Cheney added, 'That being the case, I could throw one hundred $10 bills out of the window and make a hundred people very happy.'

Hearing their exchange, the pilot rolled his eyes and said to his Co-Pilot, 'Such big-shots back there. Sh*t I could throw all of y'all Asses out of the window and make 56 million people very happy.'

If you're one of those 56 million, pass this on."

Planning For Trouble

Stop-Obama » R68 Preparing Violence, the Evidence.: "...The leadership of R68 promises they wont instigate violence, while advocating violence in “self-defense.” Considering the intent to illegally obstruct roads, prevent Super-Delegates from arriving in the Convention Center, erect road-blocks, and cut-off bridges, what kind of velvet gloves does R68 expect from the authorities? Instructing how to put on helmets, when to put on face-masks, how to construct shields, and tens of pdfs on how to behave when under arrest and custody- you get the picture!..."

Everything You Want To Know...

...about DNC rules and delegate selection and stripping delegates and not seating Florida and staying off the ballot in Michigan and-- well, you get the picture. If O'Bashing bothers you, then skip through the first few paragraphs to get to all the meat.

A Talking Points Memo: Rules provide for the Florida and Michigan delegations to be seated. : NO QUARTER:

"Senator Obama and his surrogates, including, are waging a public relations battle to pressure the DNC to refuse credentials to the Michigan and Florida delegations for the Democratic National Convention.

Their message consists of misrepresentations and lies about the DNC rules concerning these states. Unfortunately most news outlets and commentators are repeating this misinformation without ever checking the Obama campaign’s claims for accuracy against the actual DNC rules..."

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Torture Reminder

Wow. A reminder to all of us of how bad Bush and hisThugs truly are.

Think Progress

On April 9, ABC News reported that in 2002, President Bush’s most senior advisers approved the use of harsh interrogation tactics. Days later, Bush confirmed to ABC he “approved” of the tactics. Sadly, the media have largely ignored the story since it was first reported. Moreover, not one White House press corps reporter has raised the issue with the Bush administration…until today.


During this afternoon’s White House press briefing, reporter Helen Thomas noted that Bush “has admitted that he did sign off on torture” saying it damages “the credibility of this country.” But press secretary Dana Perino denied that the United States has ever tortured detainees and referred to testimony from CIA Director Michael Hayden as evidence:


THOMAS: The president has said […] we do not torture. Now he has admitted that he did sign off on torture, he did know about it. So how do you reconcile this credibility gap? […]


PERINO: The United States has not, is not torturing any detainees in the global war on terror. And General Hayden, amongst others, have spoken on Capitol Hill fully in this regard. […] And you can go back through all the public record. ..

There is video back at the link.

McMain McMistake

St. Clueless the Confused errs in favor of free enterprise.

Quoted from


Jack. Ass. | Corrente

Just in time for Equal Pay Day tomorrow, John McCain - along with other Republicans - block the Ledbetter Equal Pay legislation. It seems the good Senator believes that while equal pay is great and all, mandating such things is interfering too much in private enterprise:


I am all in favor of pay equity for women, but this kind of legislation, as is typical of what’s being proposed by my friends on the other side of the aisle, opens us up to lawsuits for all kinds of problems,” the expected GOP presidential nominee told reporters. “This is government playing a much, much greater role in the business of a private enterprise system...”


Locked-Up In America

Prison Nation Update - TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime: "More essential reading from Adam Liptak -- the lead paragraph says it all:

The United States has less than 5 percent of the world’s population. But it has almost a quarter of the world’s prisoners..."

Sexism Revisited

If you have any feminist leanings, you need to take a look at this post (excerpt follows): WMC Exclusive:Goodbye To All That No.2 by Robin Morgan - February 2, 2008

"...Goodbye to the double standard . . .

—Hillary is too ballsy but too womanly, a Snow Maiden who’s emotional, and so much a politician as to be unfit for politics.

—She’s “ambitious” but he shows “fire in the belly.” (Ever had labor pains?)—When a sexist idiot screamed “Iron my shirt!” at HRC, it was considered amusing; if a racist idiot shouted “Shine my shoes!” at BO, it would’ve inspired hours of airtime and pages of newsprint analyzing our national dishonor.

Young political Kennedys—Kathleen, Kerry, and Bobby Jr.—all endorsed Hillary. Senator Ted, age 76, endorsed Obama. If the situation were reversed, pundits would snort “See? Ted and establishment types back her, but the forward-looking generation backs him.” (Personally, I’m unimpressed with Caroline’s longing for the Return of the Fathers. Unlike the rest of the world, Americans have short memories. Me, I still recall Marilyn Monroe’s suicide, and a dead girl named Mary Jo Kopechne in Chappaquiddick.)..."

Comments of the Day

from Taylor Marsh's "Why Liberals Lose" comment thread:

Huffpo and the rest of the elitists seem hell-bent on turning the Democratic Big Tent into a tiny little pup tent. It is a tent where the blue-collar worker is only welcome if he obsequiously fawns over their cultural underpinnings, gives up all identity or culture of his own, and joins them in their derision of all things and persons who are "lowbrow".

I am sick of these Pup Tent Democrats. These Faculty Lounge Democrats. These screaming weenies revulsed by strength, revulsed by the smell of machine oil, revulsed by displays of patriotism, revulsed by some grease under the fingernails or an imperfect diction.

You are 100% right, Taylor - it is THIS sort of dripping condescension that is going to lose Obama the election were he to make it that far.

The Bubbas of this country are going to kick their asses. Yet again. And guess what? MANY OF THOSE "BUBBAS" ARE PROUD LIBERALS. This is what they don't seem to get.



From No Quarter's "Frank Luntz Praises Hillary's Speech & More Punditry":

...There are numerous reasons why the Times is slipping without any hopes of righting itself in terms of advertising revenue and distribution. This editorial is a succinct display of those reasons.


If you decide it is your obligation to play the new Pat Leahy to Mrs. Clinton, do not be surprised when your readers decide to mimic Dick Cheney to your Leahy...


Paul F. Villarreal

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Bush Record "WASHINGTON — President Bush has set a record he'd presumably prefer to avoid: the highest disapproval rating of any president in the 70-year history of the Gallup Poll.

In a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll taken Friday through Sunday, 28% of Americans approve of the job Bush is doing; 69% disapprove. The approval rating matches the low point of his presidency, and the disapproval sets a new high for any president since Franklin Roosevelt.

The previous record of 67% was reached by Harry Truman in January 1952, when the United States was enmeshed in the Korean War..."

Comment of the Day

Comments at "Listen up Pennsylvanians (and former Pennsylvanians like me)! This is what some of the crowd at HuffPo thinks of you:

'Clinton won. Wow, I'm shocked. She actually carried a racist, red neck, uneducated state full of resentful, bigotted, blue collar workers. I am shocked and dumbfounded.'

Just love those classy people at HuffPo and DailyKos. Pennsylvanians and Ohioans are some of the nicest, kindest and most hard-working people in the country! Obama cannot win the GE -- it's all about the SWING states!

OHvoter | 04.22.2008 - 9:37 pm | #"

See pix of typical voters below.

Smiley Smited

This is an interesting site, with a different perspective on recent events. Tavis Smiley fans should definitely give this post a read: - Tavis Smiley Seeks Relief from Crazed Obamites.


Stop Obama has been hacked again. Other non-Obama sites have also been hacked. Folks that is not political activiism nor is it censorship. It is terrorism. Don't do it. You may find the Feds at your door.

Not Hate Speech

This image appeared on a major "liberal" blog to illustrate a post about racist white men controlling the Pennsylvania election.

But it wasn't hate speech because you can ... well, never mind, I feel a rant coming on.

Doctor Block-It Strikes Again

Think Progress: "Is Dr. Coburn Blocking Legislation Funding Breast Cancer Research?» The Senate is currently considering the Breast Cancer and Environmental Research Act, legislation that would authorize $40 million per year over five years to fund research into the possible links between breast cancer and the environment. The proposal has over two-thirds support in the Senate..."

Monday, April 21, 2008

With Friends Like This...

Booman Tribune ~ A Progressive Community A Look at the Internals: "...But I don't really have a feel for the Southwest and the Northeast. If Clinton is really carrying 70% there then there is a level of racial resistance to his campaign that I had feared but hoped would not materialize..."

So all those embittered, gun-toting, bible-thumping Archie Bunker goobers are racists? But the 90% black support that Obama is getting is not racist? The head spins are the flux lines of irony magnetize the ferric ions of my logic centers.

Tire Killers

Divided Dems: Penn. Brawl Intensifies: "'...This has gotten so bad this year, I'm not sure people can forget about it and put it behind themselves after Tuesday,' said Joe Morgan, a Democratic committeeman for Berks County.

He said the supporters are worse than the candidates when it comes to vindictive attacks.

'The bitterness and anger they have toward people who are not supporting their candidate is something I have never seen before,' he said.

Morgan has been writing his own blog on the race, so at first he decided to remain neutral. He said Obama fans in particular were incensed with him for doing so. His tires were slashed and a complaint was lodged with the Internet service provider for his blog. Morgan is now supporting Clinton..."

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Comment of the Day

“Obama Invokes Jay-Z”: An Update : NO QUARTER: "Comment by ChrisXP | 2008-04-20 14:08:45

Yeah, and the one that had two terms — well, Obama’s campaign managed to trash him, and belittle all that he accomplished for the Country in his two terms.

And don’t forget how the Far-Left also destroys their own sitting presidents — be it Johnson to Carter.

With Carter, Kennedy even tried to politically assassinate — all because he was Southern; a moderate; and not a Northern elitist pig.

Every time Dems nominate an elitist, they lose. Be it McGovern to Hart to Kerry. Every time they “forget” and are reminded of only 5 Dem presidents in 52 years — but STILL repeat that history over and over and over.

The GOP isn’t much of a worry, Democrats own Far-Left is more detrimental!"

Amen to that!

MoDo Brushin' BO

Brush It Off - New York Times: "..Asked about his friendly relationship with the former Weather Underground anarchist William Ayers — an association that The Wall Street Journal suggests could turn into the Swift Boat of 2008 given Ayers’s statement that “I don’t regret setting bombs; I feel we didn’t do enough” — Obama defended him with a line that only the eggheads orbiting his campaign could appreciate. Ayers, he said, is “a professor of English in Chicago.”

Obama has to prove to Americans that, despite his exotic background and multicultural looks, he shares or at least respects their values and understands why they would be upset about his associations with the Rev. Wright and an ex-Weatherman..."

Hillary Clinton In Lead

Rules Question

Dean says rules are rules. Ok. Then riddle me this: why were IA, NH, and SC allowed to break them by moving up their primaries in violation of the rules?

Gun Banner?

Obama on Board That Funded Handgun Bans : NO QUARTER: "For eight years, Barack Obama sat on the board of Chicago’s Joyce Foundation — earning $70,000 in compensation — an influential board that “funneled almost $3 million in grants to political groups opposing gun rights,” according to reporter Kenneth Vogel..."

DoD PsyOps USA

Crooks and Liars: The New York Times exposes manipulative DoD propaganda racke: "Through newly obtained internal documents, The New York Times has uncovered an elaborate PR campaign run by the Pentagon that coached former military officials — or as they’re known on television, Serious Independent Military Experts — on how best to shill for Donald Rumsfeld during the fallout from the “General’s Revolt,” when numerous high-ranking retired Generals broke long standing tradition and began speaking out harshly against the former Secretary and his prosecution of the War in Iraq..."

Video and more at the link.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Maya Angelou 1993 Bill Clinton Inauguration

Angelou and Clinton

Now for a break from Whinegate.

If you help her rise, we will all rise together'
Guest post by Scan

Well, if this doesn't bring a smile...check your pulse. Yesterday in North Carolina:

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton set the tone for her campaign event in Winston-Salem by announcing that she and poet Maya Angelou would be having a "conversation."

"If you came for a political speech, I hope you aren’t disappointed," Clinton said.

Democrat Taylor Marsh Broadcasts Live Talk Radio and Blogs Politics

Pot and Kettle

Quoted from


The Candidate for Change Goes AWOL in Message Today - TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime

As for Obama's positive message of hope and change on the campaign trail and how he won't be a typical politician but one who brings a breath of fresh air to Washington, here's what he said today:


Barack Obama cast his Democratic presidential rival Saturday as a game-player who uses "slash and burn" tactics and will say whatever people want to hear, a sharp jab at her character in the final chapter of the pivotal Pennsylvania primary campaign.


...."Senator Clinton has internalized a lot of the strategies, the tactics, that have made Washington such a miserable place."


...."She's got the kitchen sink flying and the china flying, the buffet is coming at me ... constant distractions, these petty, trivial, slash and burn, back and forth, tit for tat, politics."


Mirror, mirror on the wall? It's politics as usual from the candidate for change.


As to the numbers, Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio endorsed Hillary Clinton today. This is her fourth superdelegate gain this week. MSNBC reports:...


NC Roundup

Good summary of election doin's in NC: Heidi Li's Potpourri

Unnoticed Super Delegates

The Confluence

... The NYTimes in *two* articles saw Hillary attacking Obama. The latest is “Superdelegates Unswayed by Clinton’s Attacks” (but then she picked up 3 uncommitteds Go figure.) and Nagorney wrote, “Clinton Uses Sharp Attacks in Tense Debate”. Sometimes, I wonder if we’re watching the same debate. I’ve seen MUCH sharper “attacks” in tenser debates. It appears that words have become redefined and thresholds have been lowered substantially. She was strong and feisty but also on her game and animated.

Expelled Review Source

Quoted from


Six Things in Expelled That Ben Stein Doesn't Want You to Know...: Scientific American


In the film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, narrator Ben Stein poses as a "rebel" willing to stand up to the scientific establishment in defense of freedom and honest, open discussion of controversial ideas like intelligent design (ID). But Expelled has some problems of its own with honest, open presentations of the facts about evolution, ID—and with its own agenda. Here are a few examples—add your own with a comment, and we may add it to another draft of this story. For our complete coverage, see "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed—Scientific American's Take...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Media Darlings

Obama's secret weapon: the media - John F. Harris and Jim VandeHei - "...The shower of indignation on Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos over the last few days is the clearest evidence yet that the Clintonites are fundamentally correct in their complaint that she has been flying throughout this campaign into a headwind of media favoritism for Obama.

Last fall, when NBC’s Tim Russert hazed Clinton with a bunch of similar questions—a mix of fair and impertinent—he got lots of gripes from Clinton supporters.

But there was nothing like the piling on from journalists rushing to validate the Obama criticisms and denouncing ABC’s performance as journalistically unsound.

The response was itself a warning about a huge challenge for reporters in the 2008 cycle: Preserving professional detachment in a race that will likely feature two nominees, Obama and John McCain, who so far have been beneficiaries of media cheerleading..."

For A Powerful Rant...

goto Stop Obama » Saint Obama, His Martyrs, and Media Terrorism.

Leadership Issues

Obama Stands Accused of Conduct Unbecoming a Presidential Candidate [Updates: Chicago Tribune, more MSM] : NO QUARTER: "...See, this is the problem I’ve always had with Barack Obama compared to Hillary Clinton or John Edwards. Obama is not a “buck stops here” kind of leader (whereas Clinton and Edwards clearly are). Obama can’t take the heat, and he can’t take the jabs. He wimps out and then he whines. It was plain, last night in the Philadelphia debate, that he can’t take the pressure of bruising questions. And it’s even worse in his rally speech here today, where he tries to pin the blame on everyone, from the debate moderators to Hillary, rather than on his own pathetic performance last night..."

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Did The Bird Fly?

MyDD :: Did Obama give Hillary the Finger Today?: "Did Obama give Hillary the Finger Today?

by vtluvr, Thu Apr 17, 2008 at 06:57:29 PM EST
The crowd seems to think that is what Obama is doing...what do people think? No"id

I dunno. Hmmm. Does body language count?

Reading Assignments

From The Confluence:

Whine Free Zone

MyDD :: Oh stop whining about ABC: "Well, yeah. ABC was mean to Obama. They treated him like, dare I say it, the frontrunner. They treated him like they are going to treat him every day from now until November. You saw him, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, get the same sort of treatment Clinton has been getting from day one, and your feelings are hurt. Why? Because it's not fair? Hell no. Not a darned one of you cared a whit about 'fair' when the shoe was on the other foot. No. You're offended because you thought, for what reason I can not even imagine, that the media would continue to give Obama the same ride they always give McCain. And under it all, in the backs of your heads, you are finally acknowledging the echos of what Clinton supporters have told you all along - that the media would turn on Obama once Clinton was out of the way, and the free ride would be over.

What do I mean? Why don't you take the jump and find out..."

Following this link will get you a good deconstruction on what a hit job really looks like.

Clinton Fire Walking

Democrat Taylor Marsh Broadcasts Live Talk Radio and Blogs Politics: "...We need a nominee that can walk through fire. Whoever we offer up should be able to withstand anything, and I do mean anything. Because that's what always comes at Democrats, with the traditional press inevitably having a thing for the guy on the other side. Considering that guy will be John McCain, the hero worship will be out in force.

No Democratic politician in the last 20 years has gotten a softer introduction onto the national stage than Barack Obama. Nobody has gotten an easier ride to the top step of presidential politics either. He paid for it last night."

No quite right. "He" began "to pay for it last night." The GOP will extract a heavy debt from Sen. Obama.

Real Democrats

Tom Watson: The Small Tent Democrats: '...And some of that thinking manifests itself in shouts of 'real Democrat' and the like. But in my view, suggesting that only Barack Obama and his backers are the 'real Democrats,' and that the party would best be served by the leave-taking of Clinton and her base, is so much whistling past the graveyard. If she does, you become a third party overnight. If the electoral map shows you anything, it shows in hues of blues and red and purple the continued need for a Democratic coalition based on economic common cause.

I may be more liberal than much of the pro-Hillary crowd in the Democratic Party, and yeah, I spend much of my time with the so-called 'creative class,' but I know that the only way to advance the cause of more progressive policy in the United States is through a big-tent party.

As the well-named Big Tent Democrat asks in a post questioning Markos: 'I wonder who the real Dems are. The ones who say they will unify the Party or the ones intent on destroying Hillary Clinton?'

UPDATE: BTD (an Obama supporter, I might note) adds an insightful kicker: "In a way, there is a certain clarity that is being reached in the Obama blogworld - they want the Clinton part of the Democratic Party and the Clinton legacy demolished and destroyed. I personally think that leads to political suicide for the Democratic Party. But the Unity Schtick does not appear to extend to fellow Dems from the Obama blogs. Their hatred of Bill and Hillary Clinton has become more important to them than Obama's chances of winning in November."'


Barack’s True Beliefs: Those to Which He “Clings” and “Clings” and “Clings” : NO QUARTER: "Barack Obama outdid himself this week, didn’t he? He revealed something about his true feelings about the working-class masses whose votes he desperately needs, and perhaps his take on that higher plane he believes he occupies. But this isn’t an isolated incident, and it isn’t the first time we’ve been reminded that Barack Obama considers himself to be superior to the rest of us.

Let me remind you of a few other times.

November, 2007
“The nice thing about my candidacy is I don’t have to apologize for a lot of mistakes,” said Obama.
Left Coaster..."

A long list follows. Click here.

Stephanopoulos O'Flogged

Stephanopoulos defends his questions to Obama : Show Tracker : Los Angeles Times "Amid a storm of criticism that Wednesday’s Democratic presidential debate focused too heavily on “gotcha” questions and not enough on substance, ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos defended his decision to ask Illinois Sen. Barack Obama about his relationship with former political radical William Ayers. Stephanopoulos denied he’d been spoon-fed the question by Fox News host Sean Hannity.

“We have been researching this for a while,” Stephanopoulos said in a phone interview from New York. ABC News political correspondent Jake Tapper, he said, had blogged about the issue April 10, after it was first reported by Politico, the political news website. “Part of what we discovered is that Sen. Obama had never been asked directly about it, even though it’s being written about and talked about and Republicans are signaling that this is gonna be an issue in the general election...”

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Feminism's 4th Wave

Has Hillary Clinton's Campaign Caused a Feminist Reawakening? -- New York Magazine: "Not so long ago, it was possıble for women, particularly young women, to share in the popular illusion that we were living in a postfeminist moment. There were encouraging statistics to point to: More women than men are enrolled at universities, where they typically earn higher grades; once they graduate, those who live in big cities might even receive higher salaries—at least in the early years of employment. The Speaker of the House is female, as are eight governors and 16 percent of Congress (never mind that this is 11 percent fewer than Afghanistan’s parliament). Many women believed we had access to the same opportunities and experiences as men—that was the goal of the feminist movement, wasn’t it?—should we choose to take advantage of them (and, increasingly, we just might not). There was, of course, the occasional gender-based slight to contend with, a comment on physical appearance, the casual office badminton played with words like bitch and whore and slut, but to get worked up over these things seemed pointlessly symbolic, humorless, the purview of women’s-studies types. Then Hillary Clinton declared her candidacy, and the sexism in America, long lying dormant, like some feral, tranquilized animal, yawned and revealed itself. Even those of us who didn’t usually concern ourselves with gender-centric matters began to realize that when it comes to women, we are not post-anything..."

Say Amen! This article nails several important points about where women are, as opposed to where many think they are.

The Daily Flashback:HillBos Edition

From 26 Mar 96-- if you're interested, click on the link, read the article, then ask yourself "how safe was that?"

The Charleston Gazette - News - Mrs. Clinton praises soldiers' efforts : "Mrs. Clinton praises soldiers' efforts

MARKOVICI, Bosnia-Herzegovina - Protected by sharpshooters, Hillary Rodham Clinton swooped into a military zone by Black Hawk helicopter Monday to deliver a personal 'thank you, thank you, thank you' to U.S. troops.
By The Associated Press

MARKOVICI, Bosnia-Herzegovina - Protected by sharpshooters, Hillary Rodham Clinton swooped into a military zone by Black Hawk helicopter Monday to deliver a personal 'thank you, thank you, thank you' to U.S. troops.

'They're making a difference,' the first lady said of the 18,500 Americans working as peacekeepers in Bosnia.

Mrs. Clinton became the first presidential spouse since Eleanor Roosevelt to make such an extensive trip into what can be considered a hostile area, though others have visited hot spots.

She was proud of the distinction:

'To be here on the ground is something I wanted to do so that maybe people back home would see it - not through the eyes of the secretary of the Army or someone in a position in the military - but like Eleanor Roosevelt, who has always done everything first, to visit the troops to say thank you...'"

Clinton Now Hopeless

...according to ABC and all its GOPer operatives and Sinclair News Polling Machines. Or not. You decide.

ABC News: POLL: Obama Surges on Electability, Challenges Clinton on Leadership: "Barack Obama has knocked down one of the three tent poles of Hillary Clinton's campaign for president, surging ahead of her as the candidate Democrats see as most likely to win in November. He's challenging her on leadership as well, leaving only experience as a clear Clinton advantage in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll..."

Clinton On King George

Clinton: Bush defies the Constitution - - Breaking News, Political News & National Security News - The Washington Times: "Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton told news editors this afternoon that President Bush has tried to turn the executive branch into an imperial presidency.

The New York senator did not mention her Democratic presidential rival, Sen. Barack Obama, or presumptive Republican nominee Sen. John McCain, instead focusing on what she said were Mr. Bush's harmful mistakes that 'weakened our nation' and 'corrupted and corroded our moral authority...'"

Miami Jihadists Slip Noose Again

Mistrial declared again in U.S. terrorism case | U.S. | Reuters: "MIAMI (Reuters) - A federal judge declared a mistrial on Wednesday for six men accused of joining forces with al Qaeda to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago as part of an Islamic jihad against the United States.

It was the second mistrial declared by U.S. District Court Judge Joan Lenard in the case involving the men from Miami's impoverished Liberty City neighborhood.

U.S. authorities had billed the case as a breakthrough in their efforts to detect and smash home-grown terrorism plots in their earliest stages, and said the defendants conspired to bomb America's tallest skyscraper, the Sears Tower, the FBI's Miami office and other federal buildings.

But after 13 days of deliberations, and three notes from the jury members to the judge saying they were unable to reach a verdict, Lenard declared a mistrial..."

Is there a judicial equivalent of the Keystone Kops for prosecutors (and the Government)?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Obama has said something I really do like. If I thought he might actually pursue the Bush Criminals, I might just support him. But the promises of politicians are like the kisses of fairies, fragrant, fleeting and easily forgotten.

Obama would ask his AG to "immediately review" potential of crimes in Bush White House | Philadelphia Daily News | 04/14/2008: "Tonight I had an opportunity to ask Barack Obama a question that is on the minds of many Americans, yet rarely rises to the surface in the great ruckus of the 2008 presidential race -- and that is whether an Obama administration would seek to prosecute officials of a former Bush administration on the revelations that they greenlighted torture, or for other potential crimes that took place in the White House.

Obama said that as president he would indeed ask his new Attorney General and his deputies to 'immediately review the information that's already there' and determine if an inquiry is warranted -- but he also tread carefully on the issue, in line with his reputation for seeking to bridge the partisan divide. He worried that such a probe could be spun as 'a partisan witch hunt.' However, he said that equation changes if there was willful criminality, because 'nobody is above the law.'.."

On BoyGate

In my enclave, "boy" and "girl" are used on adults as terms of endearment. I'm sure there are all sorts of regional variations, thus intent becomes quite important in judging the gravity of the comment.

BOY is this getting out of hand! : NO QUARTER: ",,,You know, I realize that this is 2008. And apparently according to the SnObama Cult and the Obamedia it is just fine in 2008 to use phases like “typical white person” because that couldn’t possibly be considered prejudiced or racist. No, couldn’t possibly be. And the guy using it just so happening to belong to a church that considers white people the root of all evil, that’s just a coincidence. And all that chatter from his spiritual mentor making noise about the garlic noses, that was another happy accident. Surely you can’t connect the dots and draw anything other than a random concurrence of totally unrelated events.

Barack the Bitter SnObama has one thing that Geoff Davis doesn’t have. And that is a HISTORY of making racially derogatory remarks and hanging out with and getting advice from racists and bigots. But don’t expect the Obamedia to point that out to you."

Corruption Killing GIs

If you missed it Sunday, C&L has it, and it will frost your shorts: Crooks and Liars » 60 Minutes: Corruption in Iraq Killing US Troops With US Dollars.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Snark of the Day

The four big problems with Obama's "cling" fling. - By Mickey Kaus - Slate Magazine: "...I used to think working class voters had conservative values because they were bitter about their economic circumstances--welfare and immigrants were 'scapegoats,' part of the false consciousness that would disappear when everyone was guaranteed a good job at good wages. Then I left college. ..."

Corrente: "...You know, people talk about “Clinton fatigue,” though if I had me some of that fatigue right now I might have a job.

But I’ve already got Obama fatigue, and I’ve only been dealing with the guy since Iowa. Four more years of this? Gawd, I hope not. And the worst of it is, Clinton fatigue is the creation of our famously free press and the entire VRWC. Obama’s created Obama fatigue all on his own, without any help from anyone but the OFB and the Boiz. Remarkable achievement..."

O'OakleyGate Gallloping

Ok. I'm way behind the curve on this one. Do check out the letter is quite informative, especially the links to Annie Oakley.

Dear Sen. Obama (from an African-American woman) : NO QUARTER: "Dear Senator Obama:

My name is Chastity and I’m a 33-year-old African-American woman. I was deeply saddened and disturbed by your comments about Senator Clinton. A woman has a right to defend the 2nd amendment without condescending comparisons that represent your lack of knowledge in regards to the women’s suffrage plight.

Who does she think she is? Annie Oakley?”"...

Wright Rousing

Political Radar: Obama's Controversial Former Pastor Criticizes Media at Funeral: "ABC News' Jan Simmonds Reports: The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the former pastor of Sen. Barack Obama, fired back at the news media during a Chicago funeral service on Saturday. Wright didn't mention the Democratic presidential hopeful by name but did call out some of his critics, including Fox News commentators Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, at times drawing standing ovations from the 2,500 mourners in attendance.

He said: 'Fox News can't understand that. O'Reilly will never get that. Sean Hannity's stupid fantasy will keep him forever stuck on stupid when it comes to comprehending how you can love a brother who does not believe what you believe.' Wright also referred to Fox News as 'Fix News...'"

Remember the Law of Holes.

DNC Does Something Useful

Alert! Alert! (I need a burning bush or something.) The DNC is doing something in the Party's best interest!

Political Radar: DNC Wants Court to Force Action Against McCain on Public Money: "BC News' Tahman Bradley Reports: The Democratic National Committee is set to file a complaint in federal court against the Federal Election Commission, saying the regulatory agency has failed to act on a request to investigate and take action against Sen. John McCain, the Republican presidential-nominee-in-waiting, for reversing his decision to use public money in the general election.

In February, the DNC asked the FEC to look into whether the McCain campaign violated federal election law by using the promise of federal matching funds for loans and by exceeding the $50 million spending limit for the primaries. The FEC has been unable to make a quorum since the initial DNC request..."

Remembering The Working Man

No, He’s *NOT* Right « The Confluence: "...But the propaganda that did the most damage was directing the attention of the working man from those with wealth to those who have nothing. It wasn’t the company that ramped up union busting that was responsible for falling wages and benefits. It was the welfare queen driving a cadillac and sucking up hard earned tax dollars. It wasn’t that the corporations were taking manufacturing overseas and robbing millions of Americans of a decent middle class lifestyle. No, it was the fault of the African-American man who rightfully demanded an opportunity to compete for jobs. Always the attention was directed downward because the middle class and working class has power to do something about that. When attention was directed upwards, the message was clear: the rich and powerful were untouchable and could do whatever they pleased. Ronald Reagan then brought government into it by firing the air traffic controllers. It was a clear signal that there would be no help from that direction either..."

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Picking On the Low Bush

Bush Job Approval at 28%, Lowest of His Administration: "PRINCETON, NJ -- President George W. Bush's job approval rating has dropped to 28%, the lowest of his administration. Bush's approval is lower than that of any president since World War II, with the exceptions of Jimmy Carter (who had a low point of 28% in 1979), and Richard Nixon and Harry Truman, who suffered ratings in the low- to mid-20% range in the last years of their administrations..."

I could say something about the 28% but I won't.

The Real One?

Hmmm. After some reading and some video, I wonder if Michael Nutter might not be The One?

See here for more:Obama Surrogate Tom Daschle Lectures Philadelphia Mayor Nutter on the People in his State [Two Updates] : NO QUARTER

Shark Jumping

...over Obama.

Letter To Senator Obama

Snobgate is becoming a much bigger deal than I think it is, but then again my redneck hide is well-weathered.

Big Names Small Towns | BlueNC: "Dear Senator Obama:

This week at a fundraiser in San Francisco you denigrated people who live in small town America saying that 'they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them, or anti-immigrant sentiments or anti-trade sentiments as a way to explain their frustrations.'

We are from small town America – we are the people you are talking about, the people you say are leading 'bitter' lives. Well, Senator Obama, nothing could be further from the truth. Here in small town America we lead productive lives full of belief in God and country. We live in communities where we go to church because we are hopeful, not because we are bitter. We believe that our passion for fair trade is born out of the principle of fair play, not frustration. We believe that the future of our country is bright and reflected every day in the stars and stripes of our country's flag.

We need a leader who will stand up for small town North Carolina and all Americans. Someone who understands that we are a resilient and hopeful people who are proud of our values and our communities. That, Senator Obama, is what this country needs..."

List of signatories follows here.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Future Psychic Headlines: "Obama Claims Victory In Penn

PUNXSUTAWNEY, PA---Hillary Rodham Clinton might have won Pennsylvania by 15 points, but Barack Obama is having none of the 'Clinton Victory' talk. 'We did far better than anyone expected. The pollsters, the media, all those people trying to tear down America and our campaign for change were wrong. It was just a few Snuffy Smith types that kept us from claiming all the delegates. Unfortunately, Senator Clinton has chosen to continue her maladroit campaign rather than doing what is best for the Democrat Party and best for America.' Obama's campaign manager..."

Comment of the Day

Comments at "Obama was just restating what effete, mental-masturbating intellectuals really think about rural Americans. I've lived in Boston, New York and San Francisco, and the people I've encountered there think of the Midwest, the Appalachians and the South as one big cesspool of unenducated, gun-toting, cousin-poking, Bible thumping racists."

We know.

Shafting The Vets, Part 1,123

There are so many of these stories I think you could populate a blog, a newspaper, and a magazine all the same time. That doesn't make any of them unimportant, and this one is another example of a system and a government failing to live up to its promises for its veterans.

CJOnline / The Topeka Capital-Journal - His war is over, but not battle: "Walking up and down the sidewalk near the Colmery-O'Neil VA Medical Center, Tim Sanders looks like a model for the 'Army Strong' ad campaign.

Except, that is, for the placard he is holding high proclaiming, 'Vets are losing their benefits...'"


Sen. Obama raises hackles over

“And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

Personally, I think this is more the molehill than the mountain, though I may have something to say about it later. Go here for the latest updates on everybody's reactions pro and con: The Page - by Mark Halperin - TIME

Rapping Jews

Following is a sample of an important post. Go to Larry's place to read the entire post and see a video.


Quoted from


Those Damn Jews, Rap and Obama : NO QUARTER

The Jews are responsible for rap. Who knew that P. Diddy and LL Cool Jay were Jewish. They ain’t wearing jewelry, they are wrapping tefillin. Confused? Read on.


There was an ugly verbal attack on Jews this week by a so-called religious leader in the Los Angeles area who also happens to be a high profile Obama supporter. Let me state at the outset that Eric Lee, the man who launched this verbal tirade, was not acting at the behest of Barack Obama. But we are seeing a troubling trend. The number of batshit crazy pastors–Jeremiah Wright, Michael Pfleger, James T. Meeks–coming out in favor of Barack is alarming.


First, look at what happened:...


Friday, April 11, 2008

Protesting Clinton Rules

Photo from Confluence.

The Daily Flashback: Liberal Media Edition

The Wall Street Journal Online - Extra:

Wednesday, January 2, 2002 12:01 a.m. EST

"There are lots of reasons fewer people are watching network news, and one of them, I'm more convinced than ever, is that our viewers simply don't trust us. And for good reason.

The old argument that the networks and other 'media elites' have a liberal bias is so blatantly true that it's hardly worth discussing anymore. No, we don't sit around in dark corners and plan strategies on how we're going to slant the news. We don't have to. It comes naturally to most reporters..."

Military Occupation of the South

Crooks and Liars:The United States is not occupying Alabama

"...I’d just add that a recent survey found that nearly 60% of Iraqis still believe that attacks on U.S.-led forces are justified.

I’d bet the number is much lower throughout the Southeastern United States. Call it a hunch."

Well, yes. But it is not zero. A few years a U.S. Army convoy was attacked as it rumbled through Deliverance country, and two soldiers were seriously wounded...

Ah, you really don't want to hear that story do you?

Best Named Post of the Week

The Aristocrats:

Iraq, where Tunnel Lights Go to Die: [snort] [snort] [ROFL]

"Petraeus: 'We Haven't Seen Any Lights at the End of the Tunnel'

what the Good General means is..."

O Should Just Say "No"

Will Bunch: Rejecting and denouncing Colin Powell | Philadelphia Daily News | 04/10/2008
"...That's nice that Powell says nice things about Obama, but if the Illinois senator is serious about ending the war in Iraq, restoring America's credibility in the world, and ending the condoning of torture and related practices, then he should not be soliciting any kind of endorsement from Powell.

Quite the contrary, to use the best buzzphrase of the 2008 campaign: He should reject and denounce."

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Exiling Elizabeth

Quoted from


The Confluence


The Exile of Elizabeth Edwards has begun. As you all may have read by now, Elizabeth Edwards has been getting in Dean and Brazile’s face today. Yup. First, she said that she thought Hillary’s universal health care proposal is preferable because it would lead to greater cost savings (this does not amount to an endorsement, of course. We respect the Edwards’ right to remain officially neutral.) Then, she had the nerve to say there was no great hurry to pick the nominee before the convention. AND she thinks that Clinton and Obama sharing a ticket would be a good thing, remarking on John’s experience with Kerry that “it was difficult for a onetime adversary to switch tacks and automatically accept another person’s positions on everything”. Woooo! ...


Elton John At Clinton Fundraiser

Ben Smith's Blog - "'...What I want you to know is, I’m still standing,' Hillary told the crowd. I believe that this country is worth fighting for, so we’re talking our campaign to Pennsylvania and to all the states that haven’t voted.'

Elton John was a bit edgier:

'I never cease to be amazed at the misogynist attitude of some of the people in this country,' he said. 'I say to hell with them.'"

Clark Wants New GI Bill

McCain must lead the charge - Los Angeles Times: "A new GI Bill needs his support, yet the war-hero candidate appears reluctant.
By Wesley K. Clark and Jon Soltz

Sen. John McCain served his nation with honor in Vietnam, and he is right to be proud of his service. But by hedging on whether he will support a 'GI Bill for the 21st Century,' he is casting doubt on his own commitment to the newest generation of American heroes..." Read the rest.

Katrina and the Candidates

From: Sugar N Spice: Tavis Smiley Weighs in Obama's Absence From MLK Ceremon


...I've listed a number of instances here at Sugar N Spice in which Obama, when he should have been the one, if anybody, standing up for the issues of minorities, was tucking his tail and running. Back in 2005, in a statement on his U.S. Senate webpage, he states that the "ineptitude was colorblind" in the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Obviously in an attempt to not seem too concerned with pointing out blatant racism--hoping to keep his white supporters happy. I'm sorry. I know that there were a lot of poor white folks left out there. Bless them, I know they were there, but the majority of the faces we saw festering in their own waste and stink were people of color, and as much as I'm glad I live in this country as opposed to someplace in the Third World, if the racial makeup of those stranded out there when the storm ended was different, they wouldn't have been left out there for so long. That's a tough pill to swallow for some, but it's the reality. Hillary even offered an apology stating:


I've said it publicly, and I say it privately: I apologize, and I am embarrassed that our government so mistreated our fellow citizens ... It was a national disgrace


But, Obama said the ineptitude was colorblind. He failed to show up to Tavis Smiley's State of the Black Union event, but Hillary was there--despite the fact that so many of my people have turned their backs on her--and yet. And, yet...African-Americans keep on making excuses for him. I'm disappointed that Dr. Cornel West is supporting him, but I am glad that he was at least man enough to publicly scold him and not offer some hat in hand excuse for his failure to show up...


I've also said it before and I will say it again-- our response to Katrina has been pathetic, though on a personal level many people of all shapes, sizes, and colors responded admirably. I was outraged by the Federal response and I was further outraged and embarrassed by the actions of certain groups of whites who were quite obviously trying to keep black Americans out of their "territory." I really felt ashamed that day. But given all that, Sugar does have a point about Obama's less than stellar performance on civil rights issues.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Edwards Still Supporting Vets

Quoted from


EENR Progressive Blog:: Broken Soldiers, and A Broken System: LTE from John Edwards


Yesterday, April 8th, the New York Times published a letter to the editor from John Edwards entitled Broken Soldiers, and a Broken System.


 It begins


In "For Wounded Veterans and Their Families, a Journey Without Maps" (Editorial Observer, March 24), Lawrence Downes missed an important opportunity to explain why both the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs are unprepared to care for the service members who have been hurt in the Iraq war.


As he did during his presidential campaign, John Edwards continues to lead on important issues of justice and equality, lending his voice here to the treatment of those this country has sent into battle.


More Net Neutrality Nuance

Stanford Hearing an Internet Wake-Up Call | Free Press, April 4, 2008
By Timothy Karr

"Get ready for Round Two in the Internet’s Battle Royale of 2008. At stake is whether we should allow a handful of giant corporations to close the Web for their own gain, or whether we should put in place baseline protections that will leave our Internet open to the millions of people who use it..."

O'Record Breaking Spending

The Page - by Mark Halperin - TIME


Democratic media consultant Neil Oxman, who is neutral in the race: “Nobody has ever spent 2.2 million in this state: not Rendell, not Specter, not Casey, not Santorum, not Bush, not Kerry…That’s unbelievable.”

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pod People United!

SAVAGE POLITICS » Blog Archive » We Are the Puppets: "Most Americans tend to respond negatively to anyone who informs them that they have been submitting themselves and their children to an aggressive and coordinated campaign of political and cultural indoctrination by the American Mainstream Media. The concept of such a ‘thing’ simply does not sound real nor ‘becoming’ of a “free citizen”, and thus it is easily brushed off by most people as simple “paranoia”.

The reaction is quite similar to the one I get when I tell people that when they purchase a Saab, a Corvette, or a Cadillac, they are basically buying the same vehicle, since these brands are all owned by General Motors. The same goes for acquiring a Lamborghini and a ‘Beetle’ (both owned by Volkswagen Group) or a Ford Taurus and S-Type Jaguar (which are basically the EXACT same car under the hood). Most members of our populace simply enjoy the illusion of independence and personal choice, even if it is simply a hoax by the auto industry to make them feel comfortable about their personal prospects (and choices). Nonetheless, without this important knowledge about a vehicle’s internal characteristics (and source), it would be quite difficult to make an intelligent decision when purchasing an automibile. This same principle applies to the important understanding that our Media is not...