Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Clinton #1

Obama, Clinton: 'Most admired': The Swamp

Bail-Out Scams

Corporate Bailout: Intentionally Bungled? : NO QUARTER

"Earlier, I posted about how executive pay can drain companies and destroy jobs. Today, I cannot help thinking about how our politicians have committed to funneling billions of tax dollars to some of the same executives who managed to personally enrich themselves while driving their companies (and our economy) into a ditch.

Naturally, this led me to think about one of the big “mistakes” that government officials made when crafting the Wall Street bailout plan: the failure (or refusal) to insist on accountability..."

Gort, where are you? We need you.

Update: Logistics Monster has a the first of a multiple-part series up on our economic mess. You really should go by and check out this post. It has one of the most comprehensive assessments of the Federal Reserve I've ever read. (I claim no expertise on the Fed, btw.)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Terminator Forever

Library of Congress adds 'Terminator' to archive: "One of Arnold Schwarzenegger's most famous lines, 'I'll be back,' will be back for generations to come, now that 1984's 'The Terminator' has been selected for preservation in the nation's film archive..."

Backfiring Smear

Lobbyist Sues Times, Citing Report of McCain Ties -

"WASHINGTON — A Washington lobbyist sued The New York Times and several of its reporters and editors Tuesday, charging that the newspaper had falsely created an impression that she had engaged in an improper romantic relationship with Senator John McCain..."

Monday, December 29, 2008

Caroline's Bumpy Bandwagon

The Associated Press: Caroline Kennedy draws criticism after latest tour

"ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Caroline Kennedy's latest trip under the spotlight as a Senate hopeful didn't get much better reviews from New York news media than her first. A New York Daily News columnist said "the wheels of the bandwagon are coming off." New York Post state editor Fred Dicker already put her on his list of 2008 losers. And The New York Times said "she seemed less like a candidate than an idea of one: eloquent but vague, largely undefined and seemingly determined to remain that way..."

Sunday, December 28, 2008

SS Not A Scam

Is Social Security a Ponzi Scheme? - BusinessWeek
"...Other people have gone farther. Paul Mulshine of the New Jersey Star Ledger wrote a column entitled “The Ponzi scheme that Baby Boomers are waiting to cash in on.” And Jim Cramer has called Social Security the biggest Ponzi scheme in history.

Superficially, these critics have a point, and there is a parallel between Social Security and a Ponzi scheme. But on a fundamental level, they are very wrong, and it’s worth explaining why..."

Get the poop at the link.

Kashmir Tilts India

Pro-India parties win majority in Kashmir elections - "SRINAGAR, Indian-administered Kashmir (CNN) -- Pro-India parties have won enough seats in the state assembly to form a ruling alliance in Indian-administered Kashmir, according to tallies announced Sunday.
A National Conference party member flashes a victory sign Sunday in Srinagar.

A National Conference party member flashes a victory sign Sunday in Srinagar.

The National Conference party and the Congress party together won 45 seats, one more than is needed for a simple majority in the 87-seat state assembly.

The two parties have started negotiations for an alliance so they can take power. The National Conference party won 28 seats, and Congress won 17..."

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Splitting (Rick Warren's) Hairs

Why Rick Warren hasn't got a prayer :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Other Views: "It is theoretically possible to make an apparently bigoted remark that is also factually true and morally sound. Thus, when the Rev. Bailey Smith, one of the deputies of the late Jerry Falwell, claimed that 'God Almighty does not hear the prayer of a Jew,' I was in complete agreement with him. This is because I do not believe that there is any supernatural supervisor who lends an ear to any prayer.

In the same way, if someone publicly charges that 'Mormonism is a cult,' it is impossible to say that the claim by itself is mistaken or untrue. However, if the speaker says that heaven is a real place but that you will not get there if you are Jewish, or that Mormonism is a cult and a false religion but that other churches and faiths are the genuine article, then you know that the bigot has spoken. That's all in a day's work for the wonderful world of the American evangelical community, and one wishes them all the best of luck in their energetic fund-raising and their happy-clappy Sunday 'Churchianity' mega-feel-good fiestas. However, do we want these weirdos and creeps officiating in any capacity at the inauguration of the next president of the United States?..."

Protesting Too Much

...or not enough?

RNC chairman condemns controversial Obama song - "(CNN) -- The chairman of the Republican National Committee said he was 'appalled' by a song called 'Barack the Magic Negro' on a CD distributed by one of his political rivals.
Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan is first party member to criticize 'Barack the Magic Negro.'

Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan is first party member to criticize 'Barack the Magic Negro.'

'The 2008 election was a wake-up call for Republicans to reach out and bring more people into our party,' RNC Chairman Mike Duncan said in a statement reported Saturday afternoon by Politico..."

Friday, December 26, 2008

On Lady McBush

Friday: Lucky is the man with the mute wife « The Confluence
"... But put her aside for a moment. I, for one, will be very happy to see Laura Bush leave the White House. Mr. Varadarajan refers to her as a certain American type. Indeed, Edith Wharton referred to Laura’s type when she wrote The Age of innocence. Laura is very much in the model of the May Archer type. She is a woman of no great curiousity and who lives a very constrained existence in the narrow field of vision granted to her by her tribe. In her case, the tribe is wealthy and cloistered. Her behavior and actions are dictated by those around her. As long as she sticks to the convention and expectations of those who govern her actions, she will live in comfort and security. Wharton called it a “hard bright blindness” that May Archer lived in. She was not unaware of unpleasantness beyond her sphere. She just chose to not acknowledge it..."

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Flashback Predictions

Cannonfire--"Tomorrow Rewrites Yesterday: "...In the year 2000, Tom Tomorrow -- addled by Clinton Derangement Syndrome and addicted to the lies then being told about Al Gore -- supported Ralph Nader for president. At the time, Tom did a disingenuous riff in which he argued that a mere cartoon strip could not possibly affect the outcome.

And what was that outcome? It all came down to Florida, where these were the numbers:

Number of people who voted for Ralph Nader in Florida in 2000: 97,421

Official difference between the Bush vote and the Gore vote in 2000: 537.

537 is roughly one-two hundredth of 97,421. I believe that at least 1/200th of the Florida Nader vote was swayable. If leading progressives such as Bill Maher, Michael Moore and Tom Tomorrow had not spread lies about Al Gore, Bush and Cheney would never have had the chance to destroy the United States.

Yes, I really do believe that Sparky could have made a difference. I think that Maher, Moore, Tom and all the other 'progressive' Gore/Clinton haters are personally responsible for everything that has happened over the past eight years. They are every bit as responsible as Bush and Cheney are.

(And perhaps we should consult the shade of Boss Tweed on the question of whether cartoons can affect the way people vote.)

So much for Sparky the Penguin's record as a political consultant.."

Stealing Bush's Playbook

Analysis: Obama Inquiry Has Closed Loop Quality - Transition Tracker: "President-Elect Barack Obama's inquiry into 'inappropriate contacts' between his staff and Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich over his vacated U.S. Senate seat has the appearance of a closed loop -- the conclusion came before the inquiry..."

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gay Surprise

...or not, if you've been paying attention to what O does, not what O says.

The Associated Press: Gay-rights leaders' enthusiasm for Obama subsides: "NEW YORK (AP) — Gay-rights activists remain hopeful about the Obama presidency but are now more wary after what one called a 'double punch to the gut' — the choice of a pastor they consider hostile for a prime inauguration role and dashed hopes for the first openly gay Cabinet member.

Enthusiasm among gays over Barack Obama's election has deflated rapidly in the days since his inaugural organizers announced that the invocation would be delivered by the Rev. Rick Warren, a prominent pastor who backed a recent ballot measure banning same-sex marriage in his home state of California..."

If A Shoe Drops In The Wilderness

... will anyone connect all the dots? Worldwide"...Dec. 23 (Bloomberg) -- A New York-based money manager who may have lost $1.4 billion of client funds invested with Bernard Madoff apparently killed himself in his Madison Avenue office, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said..."

Monday, December 22, 2008

Breastfeeding, Facebook, and GroperGate

Just when you think Teh Stupid has reached its nadir, and your Outrage Meter is pegged at "Head Explodes," you stumble across even more woman-hating ignorance: Facebook Bans Breastfeeding Photos « The Confluence

Blood Boiling Banking Bunk

The Logistics Monster manages to deflate all attempts at blood pressure control with this post. Are We As Dumb As Our Elected Officials? : Logistics Monster:

"...If I was a Republican senator or congressman, I would be jumping on this issue like a rabid pitbull with lockjaw. Hint..hint…(Getting re-elected is easy for a Champion Of The People).

We’ve lent some of it. We’ve not lent some of it. We’ve not given any accounting of, ‘Here’s how we’re doing it,’” said Thomas Kelly, a spokesman for JPMorgan Chase, which received $25 billion in emergency bailout money. “We have not disclosed that to the public. We’re declining to...”

Click on the link and read the entire post. It will cause heartburn and other stress related ailments to appear. The only cure is the consumption of Congresscritters.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stupid Comparison Of The Month

...if not the year.

Is Caroline Kennedy like Sarah Palin? -- "WASHINGTON - A Democratic congressman compared Caroline Kennedy to Sarah Palin, saying the would-be senator hasn't proved she has the 'guts and the gumption' to succeed Hillary Rodham Clinton..."

Just off the top of my head, here's something important ways they are not alike: Palin has real experiences in real jobs; Palin is not a product of the Ivy League; Palin gets no respect but deserves respect; Palin has had to work to make her way through life. Well, the list is long. I'm sure Ms. Kennedy is a nice, competent person, but she is not Sarah Palin.

The Corgis vs. The Robot

A peek at some of my animals (and other pets).

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Prairie Dogs And Obots

Oborg and bot remind me of prairie dogs popping up from their holes to sniff the wind and bark. Unless the prarie is burning down around them, it's back in the warm, cozy comfort of their hobbit holes. But sometimes, the barking is an alarm--

Telltale signs of buyer’s remorse « The Confluence: "...The thing that has *finally* gotten the stupid Obot attention is the invitation of Rick Warren to speak at the inaugural, though many of us are already incensed that the sexist frat boy pig, Jon Favreau, will be writing the inspirational speech of Hope and Change! Obama is deliberately provoking you, you stupid Obamaphiles. He is giving you your Sistah Souljah moment. He is telling The Villagers that he doesn’t take orders from the lefties that supported him and that they can be comfortable that he is not going to disrupt their status quo. Because it is The Villagers, who represent the well-connected, who could make his life a living Hell if he rocks their boat, raises their taxes, implements real change or otherwise attempts to make their lives even a smidgeon uncomfortable. That’s what’s going on here ..."

Friday, December 19, 2008

On Willful Ignorance

A Game We Play to Fool Ourselves : NO QUARTER:

"...So here is my definition of Willful Ignorance: the determined denial of facts and well-founded arguments enabled by bias and justified by fear, in an effort to confer non responsibility.

Think about all that we face with 2 wars, a financial crisis and global climate change. Think about our jobs, our schools, our personal finances, our relationships. What aspect of our lives today would not have been the better for having included more facts, more open and honest discussions, and more responsibility? We are facing so much on so many fronts. And there is so much we are going to have to learn and do differently. Isn’t it time we stopped hiding behind willful ignorance? Isn’t it time we called a lie, a lie – no matter who the liar is. Isn’t it time we called a fact, a fact and a truth, a truth – no matter how painful.

Winning at all cost is not a win.
The ends do not justify the means.
Life is real and pretend is a game..."

Being willfully ignorant is also the lazy man's way of life. Making decisions, especially those involving moral choices, is extraordinarily hard work. It is much, much easier just to have someone tell you what the correct choice is.

Another Good Choice

Obama to name pro-union Rep. Hilda Solis to Labor post - Los Angeles Times: "Reporting from Washington -- Rep. Hilda L. Solis (D-El Monte), a Congressional Hispanic Caucus leader considered to be one of the most reliably pro-union voices in the House, is President-elect Barack Obama's choice to head the Labor Department, a Democratic official said Thursday..."

Well, at least it seems to be a good choice. If he keeps it up, O might actually make it up near zero on my thermometer.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Challenge To O

AIPNC-Unconfirmed report that Rep. John Linder will object to Obama electoral count: "I read a post the other day that a Freeper got from Congressman John Linder, Georgia, stating that he would stand and object to Obama if he doesn't show proof of constitutional eligibility.

I emailed Mr. Linder and asked if he did indeed write that email and if he was serious about holding Obama to task on something as serious as this.

A few moments ago I received a phone call from Congressman Linder's office confirming that he intends to do exactly that and he is just as intent as us on verifying Obama's eligibility.

I told his staffer (very nice lady) that I was proud of him and that I appreciated his bravery as I know he is going against the tide with this..."

Remember, I'm not in charge of your research. I just post 'em and if I check 'em, I'll post how and why and whatever. Anyhoooo--

Objections are all fine and dandy but shoes seem to get more attention.

The Other Warren Question

The Confluence asks: "Is misogyny more acceptable than homophobia?" (see the pix comparison)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fear Of O Not Driving Gun Sales

Franklin, North Carolina. The Franklin Press Online. The local newspaper of Macon County, North Carolina.: "Gun sales in Macon County are following the national upswing, with gun stores recording record sales.

But the motivation for buying guns locally is not following the national reasoning.

In Macon, it's the economy, stupid.

For weeks the national media has reported gun sales on the rise due to fears that, once President-elect Barack Obama takes office, guns will be harder to get - even impossible, though Obama has repeatedly said in press conferences and interviews that he is a supporter of the Second Amendment.

Diana Asbury, owner of High Country Arms says she and her husband William have seen their sales rise dramatically, but the main reason people are arming themselves is fear of increased crime due to a national economy in the dumps.

'They're worried about the crime rate rising, home invasions and personal safety,' said William.

The couple said a few weeks ago, a woman in her sixties came into the store and purchased a handgun.

'People are really scared,' Diana said.

According to Macon County Sheriff Robert Holland, applications for gun permits and concealed carry permits have skyrocketed..."

I guess we just cling closer to guns when the economy hits the dumper and more marginal jobs are downsized into criminal opportunities.

Slingbox Issues Looming

Newsweek: "Remember when you had to be home at 8 p.m. to watch a favorite TV show? Devices like TiVo and your cable company's digital video recorder changed all that. Then along came the Slingbox, a device that lets you watch your home DVR or cable box from anywhere in the world using your laptop and an Internet connection. More than 500,000 Slingboxes have been sold since they were introduced in 2005. But like many disruptive technologies, the device is being used in creative ways that its manufacturer, Sling Media, never imagined..."

Since the FCC is not the FTC, look out Slingers (of Slingboxes, not shoes).

Shoe Slinger Faces Trial

Shoe-throwing journalist faces court trial - "BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- The case against an Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at President George W. Bush has been referred to trial after the detained reporter met with an investigative judge late Tuesday, two sources told CNN..."

The Slinger is now an Iraqi folk-hero; poems will be written; songs will be sung, and we should thank him, too-- for giving George Bush a forum to demonstrate his skills at dodging things, arguably the best dodge since his draft days, and perhaps, the high-point of his Administration. (I fully expect Obama to demonstrate even higher level dodging skills.) However, I am not all that impressed with the Slinger, even though he commented to a colleague that he expected to be jihaded into the next life, he knew it was highly unlikely that the current Iraqi government would run him through a wood chipper.

I would have beeen much more impressed if he had tossed his shoes at Saddam Hussein.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blagogate Legalizes To A Limp

Blagojevich Impeachment Inquiry Stalls - "SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — An inquiry here into the impeachment of Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich met resistance on Tuesday, with federal prosecutors indicating that it might interfere with the criminal case against him and a lawyer for Mr. Blagojevich requesting that the proceedings not move forward without the lawyer in attendance..."

Monday, December 15, 2008

Seniors Beware

Agency blasts Medicare fee-for-services plans | U.S. | Reuters: "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - People who sign up for popular Medicare options known as private fee-for-services plans may find themselves stuck with thousands of dollars in medical costs, a government watchdog agency said on Monday.

A report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) recommended that the agency that oversees the Medicare health program for the elderly take a closer look at the unexpected costs faced by people enrolled in these fee-for-service plans. It also suggested that potential enrollees be informed of the drop-out rates for the plans.

Lucrative fee-for-service plans are the fastest-growing segment for private companies contracting with Medicare..."

I don't know much about this, but my Scamdar (insert copyright and patent and trademark notice) has just pinged. (The last time I jokingly inserted a copyright symbol into a post I got mightily flogged via email by an irate person. Please, if you're still out there, spare me.)

Temples, Trains, and Troglodytes

Obama takes another page from Lincoln - he'll take train to DC inauguration: "WASHINGTON - Barack Obama and Joe Biden will make their triumphant entrance into Washington by rail to launch the ceremonial run-up to Inauguration Day..."

Will he go to the movies? Or just hit the nearest gym and bike a while, dreaming of boy speech writers...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Someone Needs To Shoot The Sheriff

...John Stone, presumably. This post makes me feel hard-boiled:

"....Obama is clearly losing goodwill points every day that Blago-gate drags on. Now it appears that indeed Rahm Emanuel was in touch with Blago and aide Harris about the senate seat though no evidence yet of malfeasance on Emanuel’s part.

The stench of Chicago machine politics now clings to Obama like a cheap cologne..."

Obama and Blago: I fought the machine and the machine won…. : NO QUARTER

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Palin Church Fire

Fire hits Palin's church in Alaska - "(CNN) -- A 'suspicious' fire devastated the church attended by Alaska Gov. and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on Friday night in her hometown of Wasilla, the church's minister said.
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin reportedly apologized for possibility that fire was related to her nomination.

Officials are considering arson in fire that broke out Friday at the Wasilla Bible Church in Wasilla, Alaska.

'We have no idea what caused it,' the Rev. Larry Kroon of the Wasilla Bible Church said Saturday, adding that investigators were considering arson and other possible causes..."

Jesse Junior Protested

Illinois Democrats Reeling As Blagojevich Scandal Develops - Transition Tracker: "The scandal surrounding Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich has sent shockwaves through Illinois political circles -- not only casting a spotlight on the state's reputation for corruption but also potentially tainting the field of likely Democratic contenders for President-elect Barack Obama's former Senate seat.

The most prominent name on that list of contenders, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., is literally facing howls of protests from some of his constituents. About a dozen protestors stood outside his Chicago office Saturday shouting, 'Ho ho ho, Jesse Jr. gotta go...'"

The Ball Fumbled, The Milk Spill't

Falstaff: It's Already Too Late: "It has now been a week since the Washington Post put up the picture of Jon Favreau and his bud acting out a hilarious joke about date-raping Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama has said nothing.

There can be no doubt that he is aware of this, the controversy over Gov. Blagojevich notwithstanding. It's been on CNN. Dee Dee Meyers has condemned it. It's been all over the blogosphere.

So he knows. And once he knows, there can be only one appropriate reaction -- moral outrage. And there can be only one action that demonstrates leadership -- firing Favreau, accompanied by a public statement that his behavior does not represent the beliefs and values of the American government or American society or the Obama Administration..."

When A Lie Is A Lie

Truthteller lays it out very effectively over at No Quarter: Writing Is Speech/Speech Is Writing: Obama Communicated with Blagojevich (with Comments on “Pay to Play”) : NO QUARTER

Friday, December 12, 2008

Powell Flogs Palin

Via Charlotte Front and Center:

"Powell Blasts Palin for Polarizing, Endangering Republican Party (Video)
By The Staff at

Sarah Palin helped push the Republican Party farther to the right this election – a polarization which could lead to the downfall of the party, insists Colin Powell.

Oh, and he also says Republicans should stop listening to conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh and we need to rethink the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy..."

That's almost funny. Isn't this the guy selling the Iraq War and sabotaging Bill Clinton's attempt to let gays out of the military closet? CF&C makes the point that any strong woman, like Clinton or Palin, is automatically labelled "polarizing," which the politically correct way of "she's a woman, yikes!"

Lest We Forget, Terrorist Edition

Charles Lane - Bill Ayers Sticks to an Unreal Past -

"...In his Times column, Ayers's chronology focuses on 1970, the year he co-founded the Weather Underground "after an accidental explosion that claimed the lives of three of our comrades in Greenwich Village." But this wasn't some especially radicalizing furnace mishap. On March 6, 1970, three members of a Weatherman cell died when a bomb they were making blew up in their faces. Packed with nails for maximum lethality, it had been intended for a noncommissioned officers' dance at Fort Dix, N.J..."

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lest We Forget

It was almost the best of times; it was almost the worst of times.

"We All Failed Gary Webb

By Robert Parry
December 10, 2008 (A Special Report)

Since Gary Webb’s suicide four years ago, I have written annual retrospectives about the late journalist’s important contribution to the historical record -- he forced devastating admissions from the CIA about drug trafficking by the Nicaraguan contra rebels under the protection of the Reagan administration in the 1980s..."

Leno's Courage Ticks Upward

After months of cow-towing to O by never making him the butt of a joke, Leno actually told one on O Monday night. It's amazing what an injection of prime time will do for the backbone. NBC's Leno move has biz talking - Entertainment News, Front Page, Media - Variety

Autos One Vote Short?

Well, it looks like that is not the case but the Howler certainly raises a legitimate point about O resigning before his time: Howling Latina: Illinois Lost Senate Seat.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Econ For The Non-Major

Actor212 always does a great job with economic issues and this post is outstanding in explaining some recent financial developments-- it is also written in shirt-sleeve English and with clear examples. Most excellent. Simply Left Behind: The Non-Rapturist's Guide To The Galaxy: "So How Bad Is It, Really?"

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad O?

Gee, I doubt that someone who is a sitting governor and has been ambushed by at least two television interviewers, and a hunter of moose, is very frightened of a teevee talk show host. Maybe we should have only Jeopardy champions on Oprah. Maybe Palin and Oprah should get together with Alex see who doubles up on geography. The winner gets Little O's Senate seat. See here for more: Charlotte Front and Center: Palin Intimidated By Oprah? Don't Think So

Science Scores For U.S. Students

International Science Exam Shows Plateau in U.S. Performance - "U.S. students are doing no better on an international science exam than they were a decade ago, a plateau in performance that leaves educators and policymakers worried about how schools are preparing students to compete in an increasingly global economy..."

Grain of salt: are we comparing apples and oranges? Or at we comparing the best 1/100 of 1% of one country vs. 100% of the U.S.? Sometimes it is very difficult to accurately decipher the methodology in these studies.

Is This The First O'Drip?

Governor Is Held in Inquiry Into Filling Obama’s Seat -

Monday, December 08, 2008

More On The Classism Bail-Out

Thanks to Anglachel for pointing the way to this one--

Why were Wall Street workers not asked for concessions? - Los Angeles Times: "...Say what you will about the role of the union in exacerbating Detroit's financial troubles, one thing stands out: Blue-collar workers are taking it in the shorts as part of their employers' efforts to secure some bailout bucks from Uncle Sam.

I don't recall white-collar workers on Wall Street stepping up with similar concessions in return for their companies' receiving billions of dollars in taxpayer cash.

'There is absolutely no excuse for a bailout without significant sacrifices by all stakeholders,' said Robert Reich, who served as Labor secretary under President Clinton and is now a professor of public policy at UC Berkeley.

'We should be making everyone on Wall Street jump through hoops, not just the automakers...'"

A bit of poetry strikes me:

It's the green that matters,
Not the red,
Not the blue.

Furnishing Proof

Obama’s birth certificate controversy reaches Supreme Court | TopNews United States: "The controversy about the Hawaiian birth certificate of the President-elect Barack Obama - which raises questions about Obama's eligibility to take office next month - has reached the Supreme Court, which is likely to announce Monday whether it will consider the matter.

Even after the state of Hawaii vouched for the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate, the unusual fight is thriving outside the so-called mainstream media, in an environment increasingly influenced by the Internet..."

Someone commented the other day that it apparently requires more proof to get a driver's license than to become President, an interesting if somewhat controversial observation. Might gripe is-- what's the problem? McCain ponied up a real birth certificate. Let O appear with his and say this is mine. Don't send a flunky.

Enhancing The Brain

Brain boosters: why not?, experts ask | U.S. | Reuters: "CHICAGO (Reuters) - Healthy people are increasingly turning to brain-enhancing drugs like Ritalin to boost their performance in school or at work, researchers said on Monday.

And while some expressed alarm over the trend, others embraced the idea, provided the drugs are proven safe..."

Increasing alertness is one thing; increasing IQ is quite another. I want the other.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Classism and Detriot

The column is a week old but the ideas are worth revisiting.

E. J. Dionne Jr. - Crunch Time for the Big 3 - "There is a paradox at the heart of the proposed bailout of the auto industry. The rescue would have no chance of passing without the muscle of the Big Three's unionized workforce. Yet you can't turn around without hearing someone trash autoworkers for the terrible crime of trying to earn a decent living...

...The auto companies are having trouble securing help precisely because members of Congress are overwhelmed, even appalled, by the hundreds of billions of dollars they have already shoved out the door on behalf of the finance industry. One of Pelosi's top lieutenants referred to the phenomenon as "bailout fatigue."

Yet the auto industry will almost certainly be tided over precisely because the economy is in such turmoil. The dominant view in Congress is that the country can't afford to risk the financial and human calamities that bankruptcy by the Big Three would inevitably trigger...

...The failure of the Big Three is regularly attributed to the high wages and benefits earned by members of the United Auto Workers union, and it's true that the Detroit-based auto companies operate under heavy "legacy costs" for retirees' pensions and health coverage negotiated during the industry's fat times.

But the blame-the-workers-first cant ignores the fact that if the Big Three had designed better cars, they would not have lost as much market share to Toyota, Nissan and other competitors. The unions did not prevent management from producing a better product -- and I say that as someone who has enjoyed driving Saturns for the past 15 years..."

O Does A Good

VOA News - Obama Picks Bush Critic to Head Veterans Affairs: "U.S. President-elect Barack Obama has chosen a critic of the Bush administration's Iraq war strategy to be the next Secretary of Veteran Affairs.

Mr. Obama plans to formally announce his selection of retired Army General Eric Shinseki at a news conference in Chicago today Sunday..."

Greek Fire

AFP: Greek police arrested over teen killing as violent protests spread: "ATHENS (AFP) — Two Greek police officers were arrested Sunday over the killing of a 15-year-old boy, touching off a wave of violent protests by angry youths setting Athens and other Greek cities ablaze.

Thousands of protestors battled police in central Athens Sunday, smashing the windows of shops and banks with molotov cocktails, and sending three officers to hospital, said police, who used tear gas to disperse the rioters.

And in the western city of Patras, a police officer was in hospital after being beaten up by a group of youths..."

Something Different

"Ghost Riders In The Sky" by Spiderbait-- this song really rocks.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

A Quick RoundUp From The Right Blogs

No Quarter has Caroline Kennedy's qualifications and a newly-minted OWhiteHouse speech writer partying and groping with a bud wearing his hat backwards (just tooooo coool, mon) are just two of the quite readable posts for today. The Confluence introduces us to the newest members of Clinton Haters Un-Anonymous. M'Lady of the Logistics Monster posts a tax holiday proposal (similar to a thought I had a while back- more later if I get the time again-- end of the semester-- madness!); she also has a post of Big O (Oprah) complaining about Palin not appearing on her show. Something tells me Alaska tax payers wouldn't be really thrilled with their governor running off at tax payer expense for a television ego boost. Meanwhile Trisha at Charlotte Front and Center is not happy with Sen.Clinton response to GropinFotoGate.

Friday, December 05, 2008

About That Birthing...

Cannonfire "Conspiracy Theorists Gone Amok": "...Obvious example: The controversies over the so-called Roswell saucer crash and the mysterious 'suicide' of journalist Danny Casolaro hit at roughly the same time. The former captured the public imagination and has now found a firm place in American lore, even though no saucer crashed at Roswell. The Casolaro incident remains far more unnerving. But how many people now recognize the name?

I make this point as preface to my directing your attention to this McClatchy article on the undying issue of Barack Obama's allegedly fake birth certificate and his alleged Kenyan birth. Why would Stanley Ann Dunham have flown from Hawaii to Kenya to give birth? Hell if I know..."

Interesting comment thread over at Cannonfire on this subject, too.

The Smell of Rats

Fragging Defendant Acquitted: "FORT BRAGG, N.C. - A Soldier was acquitted of murder Thursday in the 2005 bombing deaths of two superiors in Iraq, triggering loud outbursts and gasps from the slain officers' families..."

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Battling Bureaucracy

Veterans Report - VA Ousts Managers for Claims Deception: "The Department of Veterans Affairs has reassigned the director of its New York regional office after finding that employees misdated hundreds of claims to make it appear they were being processed on time. VA spokeswoman Alison Aikele said last week that the director and five other top managers were ousted after investigators discovered a pattern of deception in the handling of claims at the regional headquarters in Manhattan. The shake-up at the New York regional office, which serves 800,000 vets living in eastern New York State, came as veterans organizations and members of Congress have criticized the federal agency for mishandling, losing or destroying the benefits claims of veterans..."

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Lost Are Found

Searchers Say 139 Marine Graves Found: "The bullets were still flying in late November 1943 as Navy Seabees worked to convert parts of a blood-drenched Tarawa Atoll in the Gilbert Islands into a base to fly in troops and supplies for the continuing 'Island Hopping' campaign waged by U.S. Marines.

In the chaos, rows of markers and crosses designating the graves of fallen Marines were moved aside and were eventually forgotten.

At the end of World War II, when the Army returned to recover the bodies of American dead on the island, it would find fewer than half of those records claimed were buried there..."

Some day someone may eventually uncover what happened to the missing 800 Confederate prisoners who were whisked away from Georgia, never to be seen or heard of again.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Somebody Got Knocked In The Head

Charlotte Front and Center: Deepak Chopra Says Americans to Blame for Mumbai?

Crying To The Choir

Howls from the Progressive Wilderness « The Confluence: "...Did Obama really run on a progressive agenda? If you’ve read any of us Cassandras here on The Confluence or other Puma places, you’ll see that we’ve been saying he’s not a progressive for a long time. My favorite description of the one is opportunistic chameleon. Let’s face it progressives, ever since you were had on FISA, the one realized it wasn’t his platform but his hopey changey say nothing of substance speeches that would get him elected. Why would you think that would change now?..."

From The "Not One World" Department

...though we should not be self-righteous nor smug about our attitudes toward women.

Witness - Ending the Violence - Part 2

Image v. Relaity

The Racial Narrative vs. Reality : NO QUARTER: "...He was very clear to define himself as bi-racial, for instance, when he was campaigning in New Hampshire, very early in this years’ primary season. However, at the next primary, in South Carolina, he suddenly became “black” and there was absolutely no mention of his white Kansan mother. It was as if she did not exist. Is this not disrespectful to an equally important part of his heritage? It is easy to understand why he did this in a state with so large an African American population. I am sure I remember several articles before Super Duper Tuesday indicating that certain AA voters were not relating to him as being ‘AA enough.’ Was this a reason for his assuming an affectation once he got out on the campaign trail in these states?

Subsequently, his white grandmother who raised him and put him through private school only got a rather negative mention in his ‘monumentally important’ speech on race, and he soon after referred to her in a very insulting, limiting and quite frankly, inaccurate fashion as ‘a typical white person.’ So much for post-racial..."

Orange UnAid

Cannonfire: "Cheetoland welcomes Hillary Clinton. We've ALWAYS been at war with Eastasia."
"...My attitude toward the Kos Krowd is simple:

Never forget. Never forgive. Never. Though the world shatter, though the heavens weep: Never forgive; never forget. Never."

Not my bold. The best way to avoid being offended by liars is to not read what they write or listen to what they say. That does limit your sources of information, however, since about 80% of all information is either an outright lie or a distortion of the truth, either through fuzzy logic or omission.

Monday, December 01, 2008

He Is The World,Too

Visions of old Coke commercials and sugar plum faries are dancing in my head (my bold): That's me on the Left!: I'll bet YOU didn't know that: "Oh, brother...Barack Obama told his disappointed supporters who voted for him on the promise of change only to find him appoint old Clintonites and Bush cabinet members not to be upset-- 'I am the change..."

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Government Junk

BBC NEWS | Europe | Swiss approve prescription heroin: "Swiss voters have approved a change in health policy to offer prescription heroin to addicts on a permanent basis.

Final results from the national referendum showed 68% of voters supported the plan..."

Sexism Poll

There were so many sexist moments in Politics OhAte that it is hard to pick. Check the list and vote here: Take the Poll! « The Confluence

Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's 2:45 A.M., Again

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Indian allegations alarm Pakistan: "Pakistan has expressed concern about rising tensions with India following allegations that gunmen who attacked Mumbai this week had Pakistani links.

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari offered full co-operation with India and his government denied any involvement in the deadly attacks.

Wednesday's gun and bomb assault on India's commercial capital left at least 195 people dead and 295 injured..."

Friday, November 28, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Taleban's ex-spokesman shot dead: "A former high-profile spokesman for the Taleban has been shot dead in eastern Afghanistan, officials have said.

Mohammad Hanif was killed at his home in the province of Nangarhar along with three other people who were believed to be his relatives.

Some reports said the assailants were wearing Afghan army uniforms..."

Black Friday Tragedy

Remember the commercial with the hordes of shoppers storming the doors when they opened? It happened, but with far less humorous results. Wal-Mart worker dies in rush; two killed at toy store - "(CNN) -- A temporary Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death Friday in a rush of thousands of early morning shoppers as he attempted to unlock the doors of a Valley Stream, New York, store at 5 a.m., police said..."

I hope the family receives some compensation for this, but I'm not holding my breath. After all, he was part-time.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's 2:45 A.M.

Russian, Venezuelan leaders tour fleet - "CARACAS, Venezuela (CNN) -- On the second day of his state visit to Venezuela, Russian President Dmitri Medvedev accompanied Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez on a tour Thursday of a Russian fleet anchored at a local port..."

Tunnel Light

Iraqi Parliament backs deal on status of U.S. forces - International Herald Tribune: "BAGHDAD: With a substantial majority, the Iraqi Parliament on Thursday ratified a sweeping security agreement with the United States that sets a course for the end of the war and marks the beginning of a new relationship between the two countries..."

Pelosi An Illmoderate?

Charlotte Front and Center: Nancy Pelosi is Never Neutral: "...Had the president-elect, with his strong mandate, indicated he needed Mr. Dingell to help govern as a moderate, he would have prevailed. Right now the president-elect has that kind of credibility. John Dingell became the first sacrificial lamb of the move to the left.'"

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Saturn's Water

Plumes from Saturn moon may come from liquid water | Science | Reuters: "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Huge plumes of water vapor and ice particles are spewing from Saturn's moon Enceladus at supersonic speeds in a way that strongly suggests they come from liquid water down below the icy surface, scientists said.

The research, published in the journal Nature on Wednesday, offers new evidence that the moon may harbor an underground ocean of water, meaning conditions might exist that could support life, even if only microbial organisms..."

MySpace Weapon Verdict

Verdict in MySpace Suicide Case - "LOS ANGELES — A federal jury here convicted a Missouri woman of three misdemeanor charges of computer fraud for her involvement in creating a phony account on MySpace to trick a teenager, who later committed suicide.

The defendant, Lori Drew, 49, faces up to three years in prison and $300,000 in fines, according to federal sentencing guidelines..."

I like the analogy of Drew giving the young girl a loaded gun then encouraging her to use it on herself. Another tough case to decide. I am glad I wasn't on the jury..."

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Obama Attacks Waste!

Gollee! Call out the Sun Guards and the Marines. We have a president-elect who's against waste! Who woulda thunk it? After two hundred years of presidents all in favor of waste, suddenly a beam of light in the cold, dark void of government spending, a brilliant strobe of pure acetylene and incredible awe has shone into the morass of heartless bureaucracy and profligate waste. Obama The Waste Buster! Next, he will come out in favor of apple pie and against child abuse! Stop the presses! Get the wimmin and childrun off'n the streets! Change is a-coming!

Obama Vows to Cut Budget Waste - "President-elect Barack Obama vowed on Tuesday to cut waste in a federal budget that “bleeds billions,” to help offset the costs of the huge stimulus package his team is planning..."

Please. Whoopedydo.

Vick Getting Rescrewed

We're in the animal rescue business, with our money replacing our mouths on this issue, so don't yell at me, but I think Vick has been and is getting the royal shaft on this issue. How many jocks are walking free after shooting or beating their fellow man and woman? I'd bet the number is at least in the dozens. But harm a dog and have money and suddenly the MSM, followed by their lapdog followers (dual pun insult intended) are suddenly right there yapping and nipping like a pack of rabid Jack Russells. Of course, Vick is a football player and therefore somewhat less than human according to the intelligentsia. More duplicitous nonsense from the mangled mind of the American public and its handlers, the MSM.

The Sports Network - National Football League: "Sussex, VA (Sports Network) - Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick, already serving a prison sentence for federal dogfighting charges, pleaded guilty to a state dogfighting charge Tuesday..."

From The Bad News Department

Com'on Al. Call O. Steal some votes--just kidding!

Republican senator Norm Coleman leads challenger Al Franken by 210 votes as Minnesota recount continues | World news |

Pooh-Poohing Keeps Getting More Difficult

...about that refusing-to-die birth certificate "nonstory" story. The Monster has some new tidbits.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Loony Left List

...according to some bloggers. To me, just another list I'm not on. Conservative Bloggers' Least Favorite People on the Left | The Patriot Room

More Bailing Out

As I warned, this bailout seems to know no bounds. (I hear McDonald's is not making sufficient profit. Could we be bailing them out next? Don't laugh. Some of the giggling about the Big Three bailout seems ill conceived now but it apparently was fun then .) Pre-Market Report - Nov. 24, 2008: "NEW YORK ( -- U.S. stocks were poised for a higher start Monday after the federal government agreed to a massive rescue package for financial giant Citigroup..."

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hiding Is Harder

The Associated Press: Pakistan raid a sign of sharper US intelligence: "ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) — A U.S. missile strike that killed a British militant linked to a jetliner bomb plot points to sharper American intelligence in Pakistan's borderlands, but is unlikely to lessen anger over the raid and others like it, analysts say.

Protesters Sunday urged Islamabad to sever ties with the United States over the strike — highlighting the risks for Washington as it seeks to eliminate extremists along the Afghan border yet also support Pakistan's democratically elected government.

Pakistani intelligence officials say British citizen Rashid Rauf and a Saudi militant named Abu Zubair al-Masri were among five people killed in Saturday's raid in North Waziristan..."

Storm Clouds Of A Different Sort

Tibetans back Dalai Lama's 'middle way,' despite impatience | "NEW DELHI - At the end of a conference called to consider the future of the Tibetan movement, the Dalai Lama and his delegates spoke of continuity – maintaining his 'middle way' policy of negotiations with China.

Yet the legacy of these six days in the Indian hill town of Dharamsala could well be one of change. For the first time, Tibetan leaders said there was a limit to their support of the nonconfrontational 'middle way.' Without progress soon, they said, they would abandon it.

This robust debate clearly demonstrated that even the most moderate Tibetans are growing impatient at China's apparent unwillingness to grant Tibet a greater degree of autonomy. The result is that the Dalai Lama now has a clear mandate to take a harder line on China, should he choose..."

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Disappointments Pile High Unto The Sky

Copy Cat Obama rounds out his cabinet–Hillary has accepted Secretary of State : NO QUARTER: "...As we all know, the man who derided the Clinton years throughout his primary races has rounded out his Copy Cat Clinton Administration by offering Hillary Clinton the position of Secretary of State.

This is the same Barack Obama who, rather than admit his experience in foreign affairs amounted to living in Indonesia or Hawaii as a kid and taking a trip to Pakistan for God Knows What during his mysterious college years, poked fun of Hillary by declaring that she “served tea” to foreign dignitaries. This was right before he poked fun of his superior penis-less opponent by accusing her of “throwing the kitchen sink at me” including “the china“. This, of course, was after he noted her “Periodic” episodes. Brushing her from his shoulders: Indeed.

This is the same man who snorted repeatedly at the thought of “going backwards to the 90s” (when incidentally, everybody, save the the most lazy amongst us, was doing very well for himself or herself).
Now that he has duped the American public into thinking he is even remotely capable of the status quo much less “change,” Obama has arranged his cabinet to mimic the years during which most of us made the money that our Hopey Changey Generation -Y Entitlement-Oriented children are sucking down as quickly as possible whilst suddenly reviling Bill Clinton–an amazing feat considering they were all children at the time, paying full attention to acquiring bright shiney objects from their parents, thanks to BIll Clinton’s ecomony. Ironic, that..."

My political disappointments have been so many this year that I will leave that part of Thanksgiving alone. I have nothing political to be thankful for, other than the never lamented end of Bush the Far Lesser.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Holding Out For Al

The Associated Press: Disputed Senate ballots hold key to Minn. win: "MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A recount watchdog for Norm Coleman flagged a ballot because the voter put a check next to Al Franken's name instead of blacking in the oval. A Franken monitor challenged an apparent vote for Coleman because Franken's name was also marked. And representatives of both men invoked challenges because of marks elsewhere on the ballot that could make them identifiable.

The pile of disputed ballots in Minnesota's U.S. Senate race is growing at a pace sure to dwarf the 215-vote margin prior to the recount, making it tough to tell whether Coleman, the Republican incumbent, or Franken, his Democratic challenger, is gaining an edge as the recount progresses..."

Birth Certificate Blues

Well, some denizens of The Confluence apparently find this issue beneath them, but it still begs the question doesn't it: where is that birth certificate? (And medical records and college transcript and mother's brother's second cousins nanny sitter report?) What will happen if the Supremes decide that O ain't qualified for the Preznitcy? Constitutional crisis or Joe Biden? Or the much promised rioting in the streets? Comments about Chinese curses and interesting times seem apropos. The Supreme Court Is Pushing The Envelope, OR, Are We Pissed Off Enough Yet? | Logistics Monster

Again from Logistics Monster, but worthy of a "Daily Uh-Oh" update: "...It seems the Kenyan ambassador is very excited about The One’s election, speaks enthusiastically about all of Kenya’s tourist attractions, and about how well known Obama’s birth place in Kenya is.." (link here)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dissing Bill

My bold-- Political Punch: "...The view from Camp Clinton is that the Obama Team would too severely restrict what Bill Clinton is able to do to simply make a living. One source says the Obama Team seems to think it can demand that the former president abide by the restrictions put on a general government official, which just isn't tenable.

There has even been talk of the Obama White House wanting to approve every speech the former President Gives gives, or any new source of income.

And while the former President's team says he's willing to disclose that information ahead of time, they aren't willing to submit each speech opportunity for approval..."

Well, let's see. Set up conditions no one would be willing to meet, then when they reject the demand, blame them for rejecting the deal. Seems familiar...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sen.Clinton's Back Itch due to a premonition about what will happen if she takes the SOS job and the consequent knives sticking in her spine.

Clinton Said to Be Unsure About Cabinet Job -
"WASHINGTON — Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York has reservations about accepting an appointment as secretary of state in the Obama administration, an adviser to Mrs. Clinton who is familiar with her thinking said on Tuesday..."

Meanwhile, "...The Clinton camp on Tuesday sought to rebut reports that former President Bill Clinton’s finances and other interests could block Mrs. Clinton’s path to an appointment. Mr. Obama’s aides this week have been reviewing Mr. Clinton’s business dealings, focusing on the array of his post-presidential activities, some details of which have not been made public..." President Clinton could always say he'll release the financials when we see an O'Birth Certificate.

AMF, Ted

Sen. Ted Stevens Loses Reelection Bid -
" Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich (D) defeated Sen. Ted Stevens, ending the tenure of the longest-serving Republican in Senate history, after the counting of more ballots yesterday gave him a larger lead than the number of votes still untallied, Alaska elections officials said...."

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weasel Ferreted Out

2 Democrats to Submit Compromise on Lieberman -
"A pair of Senate Democrats will offer a compromise plan today to sanction Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.)

for his support of the Republican presidential ticket but allow him to keep a key committee chairmanship and remain in the party caucus.

Senators and aides said yesterday that Sens. Christopher J. Dodd (Conn.) and Ken Salazar (Colo.) will present a plan at a caucus meeting that would strip Lieberman of a low-profile subcommittee chairmanship, possibly one on global warming. But Lieberman would retain the gavel of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee..."

One cannot help but wonder what the GOP would do about the Lieberweasel if all the roles were reversed. I suspect burning at the stake would be but the first step.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Nearing End

Murdoch to media: You dug yourself a huge hole | Coop's Corner - CNET News

'..."Mr. Rather and his defenders are not alone," he continued. "A recent American study reported that many editors and reporters simply do not trust their readers to make good decisions. Let's be clear about what this means. This is a polite way of saying that these editors and reporters think their readers are too stupid to think for themselves." Murdoch's comments come at a time when the media landscape looks increasingly bleak both for print-based and online news organizations. A recent report by Goldman Sachs predicted that advertising pressure will continue because of the declines in the auto and financial industries..."'

Yeah, and sloppy, biased reporting doesn't help any either.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

More Secretary Clinton

Cannonfire--"Hillary As Secretary of State":

"...If Hillary takes the offer, Obama's supporters will blame her for any foreign policy stumbles. During the primary, quite a few Obots considered Hillary responsible for all the ills of humankind, up to and including poisoned dog food and the space shuttle disasters. I haven't checked Cheeto-land, but I suspect that the mouth-foamers are particularly foamy right now.

If she becomes the Secretary of State, she might as well put a sign on her desk reading "OFFICIAL SCAPEGOAT." Clinton-haters will constantly accuse her of sabotage. The accusation will make no sense, but they will make it nonetheless.

What if Obama decides to pursue an aggressive and unpopular stance against Iran? What if he stays in Iraq? What if he pulls out of Iraq and disaster ensues? (I see no good exit scenarios. Do you?) What if Obama wants to make good on his threat to take military action in (against?) Pakistan?

Hillary Clinton could find herself loyally defending and implementing foolish policies that she will not have set. And her name will be on those policies when they fail. Consider the cautionary tale of Colin Powell, who might be president right now if he hadn't hauled water for W.

How long would she keep the job? Maybe two years. Maybe three. Hell, maybe one. Obama could fire her at any time, using any setback (and setbacks are inevitable) as an excuse. Why would she give up her Senate seat for that?

Visualize this: Obama keeps her on the job for a mere six months, until Joe Biden's predicted disaster hits. She gets the blame and the boot. Obi will have ruined Hillary's political career, thereby taking her out of the running in 2012. Maybe that's the plan..."

Well, I am heartened that at least one person on Planet Earth agrees with me on this issue.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sorry Justice Drags On

Howling Latina: Lethal Evidence Against Siegelman Prosecution: "...Finally, this is one case where kumbayas and can't we all get along won't do; it was willful misconduct of the highest order. And in cosmic justice, the judge, prosecutors and political hitmen who perpetuated this outrage need to be shackled and sent to the very same remote prison where Gov. Siegelman spent almost two years of his life beginning with Mr. Karl Rove."

So will Little O ride in and render justice across the Southlands? I doubt it. John Edwards would have Rove's head on a pike. Hillary Clinton would probably have gone after the case, too. Will Obama? Don't hold your breath. (Unless he gets a highly aggressive Attorney General.)

Friday, November 14, 2008

KO Calling For More Female Assault

The Daily Howler: "...OLBERMANN: Wow. I mean, to what degree is that the other prominent Republican governors who got some passing mention during this campaign, with an eye towards 2012—Jindal, Pawlenty, Crist? Is there any sense that any of them are forming a power base behind Palin? Or are they intending to, you know, cut her up like a Roman dictator and smuggle her out under their robes?

CARLSON: Ha, ha. Well, they only say that quietly, Keith.

Sorry, but that’s very strange. A few months ago, Olbermann apologized for picturing Hillary Clinton getting beaten up by a bunch of goons behind locked doors. This week, he was picturing Sarah Palin getting cut up into pieces..."

Rumor Renewal

Complete with an update and an explanation for the original post's disappearance. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State? - The Washington Note

Once again, stay in the Senate, Senator. Go into O'voidance behavior mode.

Help Pine Ridge

It's Worship The Terrorist Time On ABC

ABC News: Online news, breaking news, feature stories and more; Ayers here.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Misusing News

MSNBC Retracts False Palin Story; Others Duped - Elections: "NEW YORK -- MSNBC was the victim of a hoax when it reported that an adviser to John McCain had identified himself as the source of an embarrassing story about former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, the network said Wednesday.

David Shuster, an anchor for the cable news network, said on air Monday that Martin Eisenstadt, a McCain policy adviser, had come forth and identified himself as the source of a FOX News Channel story saying Palin had mistakenly believed Africa was a country instead of a continent.

Eisenstadt identifies himself on a blog as a senior fellow at the Harding Institute for Freedom and Democracy. Yet neither he nor the institute exist; each is part of a hoax dreamed up by a filmmaker named Eitan Gorlin and his partner, Dan Mirvish, the New York Times reported Wednesday.

The Eisenstadt claim had mistakenly been delivered to Shuster by a producer and was used in a political discussion Monday afternoon, MSNBC said.

'The story was not properly vetted and should not have made air,' said Jeremy Gaines, network spokesman. 'We recognized the error almost immediately and ran a correction on air within minutes...'"

So what if Palin misspoke? I don't believe she said any thing of the sort. Never have. But it was accepted as fact because that is the media narrative. Big O can claim the U.S. has 57 states and that is ok; move along; nothing to see here. He gets a pass on everything, but Palin is abused over a lie. But is all that the real problem?

U.S. libel and slander laws are so drafty concerning public figures that anybody can say anything about Obama or Bush or Palin or McCain and they have no recourse, other than complaining. I hate to be one of those "There outta be a law" kind of persons, but really. Where does all this end?

I have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for any "news" organization that gets burned by this sort of crap. It is sloppy journalism at best and for the more paranoid, more evidence of evil plots to promote one candidate and demonize another. Will corrections help Palin's geographical integrity? No. The story is already out there and four years from now Charlie Gibson will be giving her a geography quiz, along with his world leaders quiz (who is the president of Ubsurdistan and what is his wife's cousin's brother-in-law doing driving a taxi in New Jersey?). Politicians need some weapon to hold the news media in check-- both KO and the Big Rush could use a legal leash. Perhaps, like private citizens, public figures should be able to sue news organizations for spreading lies about them. A few multimillion dollar settlements might just help put some accuracy and fairness back into journalism, which would certainly aid in public clarity on many issues. Otherwise, well, I hear Tonya Harding is looking for work.

Gay Marriage Spoofery

In case you missed it: "The Top Twelve Reason Homosexuals Shouldn't Marry" from Current Jam.

Health Care Horrors

Excellent post on the subject:
Why We Needed Hillary : NO QUARTER

Since I have The Sugar, this comment particularly struck me:

"Comment by Touchet | 2008-11-13 09:29:37

I have a degree in Molecular Biology and an associates in Biotechnology. The stem cell research scare is nothing more than propaganda by the pharmeceutical companies and their lobbist to persuade people to not allow the Biotech industry to seek out CURES. Their is no profit in cures. Unless someone is forced to take pills for the rest of their lives, there is no profit to be found. THAT is the real reason these companies don’t want the biotech industry to continue their research.

We would have had a cure in developement right now for diabetes, parkinson, and all kinds of degenerate diseases. Yes, even HIV can be cured with blood transfusion and a bone marrow transplant of biotech grown cells that have a mutant protien on their cell membrane that rejects HIV. Diabetes can be cures by a replacement of cells in the pancrease that are fully functional.

These cures have been known, but the biotech industry in America has been put on hold by politicans in the pockets of these pharmaceutical companies. But no, we don’t do that, because they would rather you take really expensive drugs the rest of your life."

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Flogging Palin

Palin won't concede the spotlight - International Herald Tribune: "At least one of the more disconcerting leaks about Governor Sarah Palin turned out to be true..."

Really? What would that be? Another more-of-the-same attack piece disguised as fluff. Read it if you care to see one more example.

Two Going

The Washington Post says, 'A number of influential congressional Democrats oppose keeping Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell and CIA Director Michael V. Hayden in their posts because both have publicly supported controversial Bush administration policies on interrogation and telephone surveillance. One Democrat on the Senate intelligence committee said there is a "consensus" view on the matter...'

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Changing The Rules

Democratic legislators ask state Supreme Court to void Prop. 8 - Los Angeles Times

While I am dead-set against Prop 8, I don't like the idea of using the courts to overturn votes. It smacks of the GOPer attempts to overturn Bill Clinton's election as President. I find it odd that no Democrat is championing a counterproposal and that the one public champion of the GLBT community is Ahnold. Curious, that. I think the courts might be used to establish gender preference as a minority issue, which seems less odious to me than just flat overturning the vote of the people. Once again, I am conflicted.

A Demotion For Clinton?

Like Colin Powell should have done, Hillary Clinton should do-- and that's stay far, far away from the toxic Obmaregime, lest that grime rub off. Besides, she can do more good in the Senate.

Charlotte Front and Center: Hillary Secretary Of State?

If it happens, I'll have to drag out my "Hell Freezing Over" pix.

On Voting Against Your Econ Id

Simply Left Behind: The Most Annoying Column This Week: The Non-Rapturist's Guide To The Galaxy: "...How condescending is it to claim that it's so wrong for the rich to vote against their interests, when the poor do it, and we don't bat an eye?

The answer to both questions is very simple: when the strengths of a party's message exceed the strengths of the other party's message, that's who usually wins. That encompasses not only the message itself, but how its delivered and more important, who is delivering it. Also, of course, how easily the other party can rebut or dismantle the argument.

McCain lost this election back in the conventions, I'm afraid. Goerge Bush had made the environment so toxic for any Republican that McCain was lucky to make as strong a showing as he did..."

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Future Is Coming Faster

MGM to Post Full Movies and TV Shows to YouTube - "...On Monday, YouTube will move forward a little, announcing an agreement to show some full-length television shows and films from MGM, the financially troubled 84-year-old film studio..."

Civil Service For AIG

AIG gets reworked bailout - Nov. 10, 2008: "NEW YORK ( -- Troubled insurer American International Group got a new, $152.5 billion deal from the federal government on Monday, as the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department made significant changes to the terms of the company's original bailout.

The Fed announced that it will reduce AIG's original $85 billion bridge loan to $60 billion, and it will cut the interest rate by 5.5 percentage points..."

By now we the taxpayers have put enough money into this turkey to own it, so therefore, since we own it and the employees are our employees, shouldn't they be under the civil service guidelines? So what GS rank are these people? Whatever rank the CEO gets, it will be far less compensated than the equivalent civil service or military rank. Sounds like a really good thing to me.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Howl From Out There

The Gun To Our Heads…. | Logistics Monster: "...I may be the voice in the wilderness, but I will not congratulate the President Elect on winning the election and the White House because I still believe in the American philosophy of “It is not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game”, and I believe that the corrupt Democratic Party has FINALLY beaten the corrupt Republican Party at it’s own “Rovian Game”, and taken the buying of an American Presidency to new levels. I refuse to be gracious under these circumstances, and I would be a hypocrite if I did so..."

Two wrongs do not make a right.

Reversing Course

BBC NEWS | Americas | US Elections 2008 | Obama 'to use executive orders': "US President-elect Barack Obama will seek to reverse Bush administration policies when he enters office on 20 January, his transition chief said..."

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Today my son trooped aboard a jet and disappeared into the sky, destinied for the war. I never wanted him anywhere near the fighting but he said "Dad, that's where the mission is."

And now that's where he is.

I never wanted any American in the Iraq war; I was deadset against it long before all the braying jackasses decided it was a bad idea. If the politicians all had "some skin in the game," then maybe they would give more careful consideration of American blood in foreign adventures.

Please give me and my boy a hopeful prayer and let him and all our sons and daughters return home safely, for they were not the cause of these wars and they should not have to bear the burdens for other people's flawed egos and poor judgment.

God save us all and bless the real patriots.
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Friday, November 07, 2008

The Independent Voter

For now, I remain a very disgruntled liberal Democrat who is ashamed of his political party and will never again donate money or time to its causes until such time that women and gays are admitted back into the alleged big tent.

Charlotte Front and Center: Fighting through the Fog and Thicket of Obama’s Election:
"...Perhaps the basis for going Independent comes from finally realizing (after so many years) that voting and supporting a candidate along strict party lines can be simply dangerous. After all, we have witnessed an inexperienced man of questionable character attain the most powerful position in the free world. We have also seen the attempt by the MSM to destroy the character and careers of two wonderful, qualified women candidates.

Needless to say, I said “No Deal” (along with other PUMAS) when it came to voting along with my party for an unacceptable candidate. It was the year I learned more about myself, or to put it more clearly: I know that I really do love my Country first and foremost.

If for the rest of my life I have to “Just Say No Deal”…then I will. Hopefully, a better time will come soon, and a great leader for all Americans will emerge out of these dark days."

My second favorite Latina reminds us of another task we must face: defending the right of women to have fair treatment in the media, as well as in life.

The Dawning Of A New Acronymn

Might as well get it ready now-- "I Hate To Say I Told You So, But I Told You So" (IH2SITYSBITYS) [BITYS for even shorter]. I never could get why so many gays supported O when his homophobia was so clear cut-- even to my antique and dim eyes. Herewith a post on the subject: Tennessee Guerilla Women: Gays and Blacks (and Gay Blacks) Go to War.

The Rise Of The Timid Triangulators

Anglachel can certainly turn a phrase. Check this one out: Anglachel's Journal: The Timid Triangulators.

Where The Tingles Never Stop

Chris Matthew’s Leg

Reeducation Camp?

"Ashville N.C. School teacher browbeats student over being a McCain supporter"

They got the school system wrong; the teacher used to work in Asheville, according to the local television station, but was working near Ft. Bragg in Fayetteville when this incident occurred.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Convenient Crisis

Wall Street's crisis can take the credit for Obama's win - Nov. 5, 2008: "WASHINGTON (Fortune) -- In the end, it was the travails of Wall Street - which he scolded 14 months ago for too often going for the 'quick kill' - that enabled Barack Obama to seal the deal with America's voters last night and stand before 150,000 supporters in Chicago's Grant Park to declare that 'this is our moment.'

All summer long, Obama ran neck and neck with Republican opponent John McCain. But on Sept. 17, two days after the Dow Jones plummeted 300 on news that Lehman Brothers was declaring bankruptcy and insurance giant AIG was on the brink, the first-term senator from Illinois opened up a lead in the polls - one that widened as the financial crisis deepened..."

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


From Joe Biden's mouth to Putin's ears.

BBC NEWS | Europe | Russia to move missiles to Baltic: "Russia is to deploy new missiles in a Baltic enclave near Nato member Poland, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev says.

Short-range Iskander missiles in the Kaliningrad region would 'neutralise' the planned US anti-missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic, he said..."

Indeceny Issues Percolates Up

High court conservatives favor indecency rule - Los Angeles Times: "Reporting from Washington -- For the first time in 30 years, the Supreme Court took up the issue of indecency on television and radio broadcasts Tuesday, and its leading conservatives made clear they would like to uphold an official crackdown on the use of expletives during daytime and early evening hours.

U.S. Solicitor General Gregory G. Garre said the strict regulation of broadcast TV preserved it as a 'safety zone' for families with children, particularly in an era of unrestrained free-speech rules on the Internet and on cable and satellite TV. 'Broadcast TV is the one place where Americans can turn on the TV at 8 o'clock and . . . not expected to be bombarded with indecent language,' he said..."

The Real Loss

What the hell do we do now? « The Confluence: "...One of the most disturbing things this past year (there are several) was the complete abandonment of principles, ethics and respect for the truth by so many members of Left Blogistan. If we PUMAs are to have any relevance in the future we must firmly adhere to liberal principles and ideals, including, but not limited to, honesty, objectivity, equality, fairness and logic..."

Amen, sister.

No Vote For G.I.s

Who Gets To Vote? : NO QUARTER

"Major H/T/ to McKatmoon, an alert reader at No Quarter, for this tip. This is disturbing. Here’s the story: John McCain filed a lawsuit in VA at this late date for a reason you are not going to believe. It turns out that the absentee ballots required by military personnel serving abroad were sent out LATE, thus nullifying their votes. I say again: our military personnel from VA are NOT GOING TO GET TO VOTE because of massive errors in 3 counties (Arlington, Chesterfield, and Fauquier), as well as in the cities of Virginia Beach and Richmond. It seems that it wasn’t until late September befoer they even received their absentee ballot forms. How did that happen? I guess that’s what Senator McCain wants to know, too:..."


Barack Obama wins presidency, making history - Los Angeles Times: "Barack Obama, the son of a father from Kenya and a white mother from Kansas, was elected the nation's 44th president Tuesday, breaking the ultimate racial barrier to become the first African American to claim the country's highest office..."

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Reagan Wins

The New York Times > Washington > Reagan Wins By a Landslide, Sweeping at Least 48 States; G.O.P. Gains Strength in House: "Ronald Wilson Reagan won a second term as President yesterday in an election that Republican leaders hailed as a sweeping personal triumph and a mandate for his policies.

Mr. Reagan secured clear landslide victories in both popular and electoral votes as he defeated Walter F. Mondale, the Democratic nominee, in at least 48 of the 50 states..."

Getting The Vote Right

Anglachel has some good ideas for voting reform. I do hope to see a discussion of various ideas in order to solve all the ridiculous problems that keep occurring with voting in the Banana Republic of America. Anglachel's Journal: "Voting Reform".

Voter Intimidation, 1

Voting Intimidation By Black Panthers In Philadelphia

From The Go Figure Department

Study: Counties with more rainfall have higher autism rates - "An analysis of data from three states suggests that counties with higher precipitation levels also have higher autism rates, researchers report today..."

Monday, November 03, 2008

To God's Eyes - The McCain-Palin Landslide: "...That article pointed out that, at the time I wrote it, it required only a total of 493,636 PUMA voters in North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, and Colorado to produce a tie in the electoral votes. Add a mere 35,935 more in Nevada and McCain-Palin wins. At the time, I was almost ready to bet the ranch that there were 529,571 PUMA voters in those six states, but I waited another 24 hours to make sure. Now the trend is so clear that it is obvious to me that a McCain-Palin landslide is in the works. It is amazing how few people in politics never apply some fairly simple mathematics to see what is going to happen in the next election..."

Return Of The Finger

Another Bob On The Election

Watch CBS Videos Online

Ckt Cty Prblms

Calculated Risk: "We discussed this yesterday, and here is the announcement from Circuit City: Circuit City Stores, Inc. Provides Update on Liquidity and Announces Store Closing Plan

Due in part to its deteriorating liquidity position and the continued weak macroeconomic environment, the company has decided to take certain restructuring actions immediately, including closing 155 domestic segment stores, reducing future store openings and aggressively renegotiating certain leases..."

I guess firing all those overpaid workers didn't help too much. Chuck where are you?

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Comment of the Day

OPEN THREAD: Democratic Women Respond to Obama’s Latest Sexist Gambit : NO QUARTER: "Comment by lightacandle | 2008-11-02 20:14:59

I have “had” it and am starting a new effort — for now, I am calling it

“Stop Humiliation And Disparagement Of Women”

The short version is “SHADOW”

I don’t care how others may feel about Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin, this campaign season has turned my stomach and saddened my soul. Seemingly “nice” people have mocked both Clinton and Palin in the most disgusting and evidence-free ways — and for reasons unrelated to their effectiveness as public officials.

As Craig Crawford noted earlier in the campaign season, with regard to both President Clinton and Senator Clinton, “I really think the evidence-free bias against the Clintons in the media borders on mental illness.”

Crawford was right then, and his words apply even now to Senator Hillary Clinton and Gov. Sarah Palin.

Both of these women hold high and important political offices, yet they are treated daily to degrading and humiliating slurs and insults related to the fact they are women.

Just very recently, some man in West Hollywood got his jollies from hanging an effigy of Sarah Palin by a noose. Many people (both men and women) thought it was amusing and, so, the effigy remained in place for a week until the West Hollywood mayor persuaded the man to take it down.

On the other hand, an effigy of Barack Obama hung by a noose resulted in the arrest of the two young men who had put it up.

It was correct to arrest the men who put up the Obama effigy, but WHY was the hanging Sarah Palin considered humorous?

As a woman, I will tell you I was NOT amused — I was horrified and enraged.

As the Nazis learned and honed to perfection: first you humiliate some group, then you blame them for society’s woes, and then you can do anything you please to them — even beat or kill them — and no one will come to their aid.

Well, other disparaged groups have fought back and I am bewildered that no women (or very few women) have fought back against the organized and free-lance disparagement of Senator Clinton and Gov. Palin.

Well, every movement starts with a first step, and this will be my first step to

“Stop Humiliation And Disparagement Of Women”

“SHADOW” now . . . and “SHADOW” forever!"

Burn That Coal (Industry)

Palin Goes After Obama on Coal Comments « FOX Embeds « "MARIETTA, OH –-Sarah Palin unleashed a new attack today after an audio file of an interview Barack Obama did in January 2008 was reported on conservative blogs and linked on the Drudge Report. Palin accused the Democratic nominee of wanting to bankrupt the coal industry.

“Barack Obama explained his plan to the San Francisco Chronicle this year, early this year. And he said that, sure, if the industry wants to build coal fired power plants, then they can go ahead and try, he says, but they can do it only in a way that will bankrupt the coal industry, and he’s comfortable letting that happen. And you gotta listen to the tape..."

That'll teach 'em to vote for Hillary!

On The Puma Effect

Politics Make for Strange Bedfellows! « The Confluence

Friday, October 31, 2008

You Want Me To Do What?

Jong For Blood

Author Erica Jong is apparently saying, "Let There Be Blood" in this rather, uh, er, "inciteful" quotatation:

Fear of Losing « Not Your Sweetie: "...Of course, the craziest of all, Erica bought hook line and sinker the Donna Brazile/Obama campaign fear mongering:

“If Obama loses it will spark the second American Civil War. Blood will run in the streets, believe me. And it’s not a coincidence that President Bush recalled soldiers from Iraq for Dick Cheney to lead against American citizens in the streets.”

What can I say, Erica? Had you paid closer attention, beyond your little group of friends you could have been a PUMA."