I am sick of this bullshit arguing amongst veterans. All of us served when we were asked, some of us made it back, some didn't. We all were affected by the war in our own way, and we all reacted to it in our own way. Every GD veteran alive knows you go over to war prepared for the worst you can possible think, and when you get there you realize you under estimated what the fckng word "worst" meant. I don't give two gd shits if this guy walked away, he went over just like all of us did, we owed him the decency to at least make sure we got him home. The fact we got him home alive is even better. The score keeping is for fckers that are either bitter fcks, stupid fcks, or fcks that never ever fckng went to war or served during war time. The fact that we have news agencies now attacking the gd family is sickening. It was sickening when they attacked Kerry, it still is. The same mofos that were in office when they attacked Kerry are there now. Nobody stepped up to stop it, hell we even re-elected some of them. Now this kid needs our support, webetter fckng step up or pretty soon we aren't going to have any kids tostep the fck up for. EIther that, or we are going to have another draft. The fact of the matter is that the two wars Iraq, and Afganistan have destroyed our armed forces. These kids are being chewed up and spitout in a staggering gd record. All our gd press can do is report that one of them might have cracked, and then go out and grab some of the others and splash them up in the screen saying shit about those that served with them. None of the press us giving the time of fckng day, or asking the important questions of why. All of us veterans know that answer, why the hell are we not telling the others? Why is it we are calling our fellow soldiers weak? Here is a little study that puts this in perspective, read it and weep.