Saturday, July 19, 2014

Comment Of The Day: Copping For Profit Edition

Cops. Cash. Cocaine. How Sunrise police make millions selling drugs. - Sun Sentinel

Stephen's Leap Page Downing · Top Commenter · Cal State University Los Angeles 

 The below letter has been emailed to the Sunrise Commissioners:
Dear Mr. Mayor and Members of the Commission;

Your police department and its management have brought shame upon your city as well as the profession that I have been a part for more than forty years. Policing for Profit is a corruption that has metastasized across our Nation and unfortunately the scope of abuse exploited by your police department has now become the most infamous due to the viral dissemination of "How Sunrise Police Make Millions Selling Drugs, " the outstanding investigative reporting supported by the Sun Sentinel.

Public safety is clearly not a factor in what you are allowing to continue. What is "legal" today is merely a governmental substitute for the bags of cash delivered to those who ran the police departments during the Capone era. Police resources are diverted from public safety in favor of a corrupted drug war that has now clearly corrupted your police department. The sooner the Sunrise Commission admits that this ill-conceived program, one that your chief of police grounds in nobel cause corruption, is in fact injurious, perverse and offensive to a democratic society the sooner you will be able to end the practice of policing for profit and restore the image of the City of Sunrise back to a level of professionalism that lends truth to what is now a lie in your Chief's web page message:
"We have assembled one of the finest teams in law enforcement, whose loyalty and professionalism is demonstrated by its commitment to surpassing the level of excellence we have achieved in prior years. We
will never be satisfied with the status quo."

Unfortunately your police officers and their chief are clearly married to, and corrupted by, the status quo and should you choose to end this perverted evil in your city, be prepared for the Sunrise Police Union to protest, label you as being soft on crime and undertake a program to instill fear in the electorate, not because they believe that crime and violence will increase, but because a good part of their venal income will end and scare tactics are the only instrument they have in their tool box to stop you. I have attached a white paper and the link to an article that may benefit your education related to this subject. I wish you luck in restoring the image of Sunrise.

Best Regards,

Stephen Downing
Deputy Chief, Los Angeles Police Department (ret.)

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