Thursday, July 24, 2014

Let The Heads Roll

We want answers from the pols: Why do Americans have to put up with Exploitative Profit Mining? | The Confluence:

This is an invitation to the politicians out there to answer this question. Why are Americans expected to tolerate exploitative profit mining by the wealthy and well connected? Why are we supposed to just sit here like crops to be harvested? As soon as there is even a teensy bit of disposable income, that we are supposed to sock away for the future, some capitalist on steroids has to find a way of siphoning it off for his own use and profit.

We all know the game is rigged and yet we’re expected to put all of our precious savings in the stock market or in the hands of fund managers or pay a steep tax penalty to cover our living expenses if we have the misfortune to suffer periods of extended nemployment before we turn 59.5...
We won't see real change until OWS leave the park and head to Westchester et. al., reminding everyone that gated communities don't.

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