Tuesday, July 01, 2014

My '08 Vote Exactly

The Confluence | A weblog for Democrats in Exile:

...The reason I didn’t vote for him in the primary in NJ on SuperTuesday in 2008 was because I didn’t think he was ready to be president and wasn’t familiar enough with the mechanisms of government to be effective. It was pre-ordained that the Republicans were going to be a defiant, ruthless opposition party. I felt that Hillary Clinton would have a better grasp of how to get around the Republicans to get things done. Plus, I didn’t feel that Obama had been in Washington long enough to develop a working coalition of allies and congressional members. His coalition was going to be “gifted” to him from his campaign funders. It couldn’t be any other way given his lack of experience and time in Washington. Annnnnnd, it looks like I was right...

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