Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pierce Flogs Darth

Things In Politico That Make Me Want To Mainline Antifreeze, Part The Infinity - Esquire:

...You [Deadeye Darth Dick Cheney]  cheap fraud. You people didn't "face" any threat before 9/11. Every damn one of you fell asleep at the switch. You abandoned counterterrorism in favor of chasing porn merchants and Tommy Chong. You exiled Richard Clarke. You started worrying about missile defense. Your boss took a vacation and blew off his CIA briefings and failed to read his presidential daily briefings. You watched the towers fall, at least partly through your sheer dereliction of duty, and you turned a national tragedy into a personal opportunity to get rich.

He acknowledged that "you can't blame [Obama] for the entire problem developing," but insisted that Obama has "never admitted his problem" because he sees Iraq as more stable after the withdrawal of U.S. troops than it actually is. "The world's not getting safer, it's getting far more dangerous," he said, as Lynne nodded in agreement...

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