Saturday, July 12, 2014

Popcorn Murderer Walks Free

The article is behind a subscription wall but it appears the mook was released on a $150k bond, which seems awfully low to me. Wonder how much bond a black kid would have to put up for the same crime, assuming he arrived alive in jail? For that matter, how much would a white non-cop have to post, if he could get bond? Maybe the only color that really matters is blue. Ex-cop charged in Fla. popcorn shooting released on bond -


Farmer Giles said...

What, blue being the colour of money, man?



Bob Harrison said...

Nay. The blue of a police officer's uniform. Though I hate being critical of law enforcement since about a third of the family is involved in such, the abuse of police authority, including letting them skate on offenses from the trivial to the tragic, mightily offends me.