Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ben's Brain

Doctor worship is no less misguided than jock worship or rocker worship. The mystique of the profession, and good PR in the past, carries them places that most should not tread. Your profession, be it medico or journo, is not an automatic qualification for leadership in the political arena.

Dr. Ben Carson is Not Smart:

...My point is that neurosurgeons are not automatically smart because they are neurosurgeons. To get through training and have any sort of practice they must be disciplined, have immense ego strength, a reasonably good memory, and have mental and physical stamina. However, like many other doctors, they are not always smart. Neurosurgeons, like other surgeons, can be outstanding technicians but that is different than being intellectually brilliant. A truly brilliant internal medicine specialist once told me that “you can train anyone to perform a procedure”. I’ve seen surgical assistants perform technically difficult procedures with stunning alacrity. It’s the old rule: do something enough times and you will get damn good at it...

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