Monday, November 23, 2015

Why Lie?

Of all the horns to honk on the Gop Klown Kar, this one, so far, is the weirdest.

Donald Trump's 9/11 celebration claim widely disputed -

Donald Trump twice repeated over the weekend that he saw people cheering in New Jersey after the September 11 attacks -- but his claims are being widely disputed as false.

GOP primary rival Ben Carson also said he witnessed the same, but his campaign walked back his statement later on Monday...

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Alessandro Machi said...

On the tenth anniversary of 911 there was a VERY LOUD wedding celebration going on across the street, did not know the ethnicity, it went on from 10pm until 1am or 2am. To give some perspective, it was the only time I ever heard music coming from that location at night, ever.

KInd of creepy, no?