Friday, November 20, 2015

Comment Of The Day: Marco Terror Plan Edition

Florida Man Has All the Answers on How to Destroy ISIS

Craig Swarts ·Columbus, Ohio
So if we unpack Marco Rubio's prescription for dealing with the ISIS threat, we end up with the following scenarios:  
 1) We reignite the civil war in Iraq by insertingAmerican military force on behalf of the Sunni and Kurdish regions of Iraq, while destroying any possible diplomatic outreach to the Shia-led government.
 2) We declare a no-fly-zone in Syria, which effectively means that the U.S.targets Russan planes and starts a war with the second largest nuclear power on Earth.
3) We invade Syria in order to seize large areas of territory needed to create so-called "safe zones" (how safe these would be while we're shooting down Russian planes is questionable).
4) We use these dubiously named "safe zones" to arm and train a mysteriously unidentified group of "rebels", thereby inserting even more American weaponry into a dangerously unstable region (and it is highly probable that these weapons will end up in the hands of ISIS at some point).
5) We will ignore the fact that Iran also despises ISIS and has powerful incentives to destroy Daesh, in order to boost a primary campaign in Iowa. It's obviously more important to give bellicose speeches and interviews than it is to actually accomplish your policy goals.
6) We will abandon our long tradition of offering sanctury to refugees, and abandon thousands of
innocent civilians, while encouraging widespread panic in our own citizenry by suggesting that widows and children are merely terrorists in disguise.

The ridiculousness of Rubio's ISIS strategy is breathtaking. This man is utterly unqualified to be Commander-in-Chief. We really need to expect more from a Presidential candidate than a willingness to treat our military as if they are pieces in a board game.

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