Wednesday, November 11, 2015

You Were Warned, GOP

Liberals and moderates have been warning the GOP for years that their fear-mongering, crazy enhancing, scumming antics would come back to munch on their butts. Guess what, chickens. It's roosting time.

Days of Desperation - POLITICO Magazine:

There is an air of desperation out there on the GOP campaign trail. It’s impossible not to sense it in the kinds of things being said by teetering establishment Republican candidates like Jeb Bush and John Kasich, both of whom started off the last debate virtually pleading

with base voters to come to their senses about Donald Trump, who is barely identifiable as a conservative by any standard measure of ideology. Not to mention Ben Carson, whose views sound like a grab bag of life philosophies. “I want you to know I’m fed up. I’ve about had it with these people,” a flustered Kasich told a rally in his home state of Ohio this week. “What happened to our party? What happened to the conservative movement?”...

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