Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Current GOPer Prez Conditions

President Obama Runs Out of F*cks to Give, Impersonates Republican Candidates:

...The president has seen the cleansing and clarifying power of ridicule, and good for him. He has given himself over to the liberating power of le Snark. (This revelation also seems to have come upon Megyn Kelly, although I suppose it won't last with her.) There really isn't anything left to do concerning the preposterous position that the GOP has managed to place itself at the moment. The entire Republican presidential field has come loose from reality and is floating free within the bubble, far above us lesser mortals, existing on its own recycled intellectual waste products, a self-generating universe of illusion in perpetual motion. And Dr. Ben (The Blade) Carson, who is a nut in thrall to other nuts, living and dead, just took the lead in at least one national poll...

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