Thursday, June 08, 2017

Blacksnake Moaning To The Duggar Pedophile Blues

Josh Duggar Suing For ‘Emotional Distress’ Of Everyone Finding Out He Was A Child Molester | Wonkette:

...The lawyers also claim in the suit that Josh “was also subject to the humiliation and extreme mental anguish of being publicly identified.”

I don’t know about you, but I kind of feel child molestation is a far greater evil than revealing the fact that someone is a child molester. And that if you go around molesting children, the possibility of someone finding that out someday and you having to be “humiliated” by that is simply a risk you take. The fact that he is tacking on his own lawsuit to the lawsuit of his victims is especially galling, even if the victims are his sisters, even if they have “forgiven” him for having assaulted them.

If Josh Duggar didn’t want to be humiliated by people finding out he was a child molester, he should not have molested his sisters and cousin in the first place. It’s his fault, not InTouch‘s, that he now has to deal with the consequences.

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