Friday, June 02, 2017

The Daily Flashback: Remember The Real Ronald Raygun

White Evangelical Colleges vs. White Evangelical Parents:

...We can imagine useful upper-class electives on either of those subjects, and both would be enormously constructive for young American students from the white evangelical subculture and tribe. Actual study of the Reagan years, and of Reagan’s actual politics, might be a revelatory bit of myth-busting for such students. Such a course would necessarily touch on, among other things: Reagan’s 1976 primary campaign, his “states’ rights” speech in Neshoba County, the Southern Strategy, Jesse Helms and the conversion of the Dixiecrats, the retreat from Lebanon, Grenada, David Stockman and Voodoo economics, the payroll tax hike, the creation of modern deficits, the air-traffic controller strike and the destruction of organized labor, The Day After, Gorbachev and SALT II, AIDS and ACT UP and Ryan White, Thatcherism, Sandra Day O’Connor, the Iran/Iraq War, Star Wars, the creation of a database (or “qaida”) of Mujahideen, Robert Bork, Contras and death squads, and at least a week’s worth of reading and lectures on the Iran/Contra debacle...

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