Monday, June 12, 2017

tRump And A Fictional Murder Plot

Booman Tribune ~ A Progressive Community:

... I think we’re all familiar with the plot device in which a spouse comes under suspicion in the death of their loved one because they aren’t showing a normal or appropriate level of emotion. If we used that analogy in this case, Trump would be the husband who didn’t call 911 when he found his lifeless wife lying on the floor. He’d be the one who tried to stop others from calling the cops. He’d be the one who denied that she’d been murdered at all, hired one of the prime suspects to work for him, and tried to use his influence with the mayor to shut down the investigation. He’d say strangely positive things about the prime suspects and have some exculpatory story about a 400 lb. intruder that no one has ever seen. His lawyer would have extensive ties to people who had a motive to kill his wife. His son-in-law would have met privately with them and tried to conceal that fact. And when interviewed by investigators, he never once would express the slightest concern that his wife was dead or any interest in seeing her killers brought to justice.
A crime has been committed against our country, but Trump was the beneficiary of that crime and is pleased with the outcome. He has no remorse about it. He doesn’t want it investigated.

So, what are the chances that this can all be explained as normal? Is it really different from how any candidate would feel if their election was called into question?...

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