Friday, June 02, 2017

She's Baaaaaaaaaaccccck!

Why are people still losing their minds over Hillary?:

Hillary Clinton is back. And surprise, surprise: Many Americans, both liberal and conservative, still despise her.

Liberals carped at her for taking some time to herself and skipping the Women's March (see, she never cared what happened to us!), and now they loathe her for coming back (you're standing in the way of progress!). Conservatives, meanwhile, continue to hammer her for making "excuses" about her election loss, retrench old tales of her husband's indiscretions, and peddle an array of escalating conspiracy theories about her health. News of her starting a political organization, giving some interviews, and delivering a commencement speech has been met with shock, revulsion, and outright horror, and not just by the press, but also by people who ostensibly supported her. This is far worse than any vitriol directed at the last four men who preceded her as presidential bridesmaids. Why is everyone still so angry at her?...

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