Monday, June 12, 2017

Will Dems Learn Lesson?

DownWithTyranny!: What Do The Results Of The U.K. Election Tell Us About Our Own Politics?:

...How did the Conservatives projected landslide turn into a rout? On May 10 the media leaked Labour's manifesto-- Corbyn’s entire program to crank up spending and raise taxes-- and the "press tore it to pieces." Unfortunately for the Conservatives, Corbyn's "plans for pumping money into schools and nationalizing rail transport captured the public imagination after years of grinding austerity." [I want to just note here that the DCCC still insists that congressional candidates avoid contentious issues, not put up issues pages on their websites, and, worst of all, try to run as Republican-lite candidates. It's why they have seen a decade of catastrophic failure and they are determined to do it again-- and, worse yet, teach it to their poxy candidates and campaign staffers at the new DCCC U, an operation that will bake even more endemic failure into the Democratic cake for another generation. Back to the U.K.]...

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