Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fox Flogs Weather Channel

Eat The Press | Fox Takes Fair And Balanced Look At Weather "War"...With One Side | The Huffington Post: "...Incidentally, Inhofe and Doocey are referring to the Weather Channel's new show called 'The Climate Code' about global warming. On Sunday night, host Heidi Cullen responded to what was apparently a large volume of complaints about how the weather channel, with the defense that global warming was actually not up for debate, since it was, you know, happening. This is what Doocey wondered was a 'political agenda.' Inhofe agreed, disgusted with the irresponsibility of this climatologist, wondering if perhaps more base motivations were at play: 'What would happen to the Weather Channel's ratings if all the sudden people weren't scared anymore?' Indeed. That wouldn't happen to apply to any other network, now, would it?"

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