Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Marine Dies-- VA Little Help

I'm going to excerpt a small piece of this terrible story. We can't continue to allow this to happen-- this is far too 'Nam-like and as a country, we swore we would never do that to our warriors again. Please. Please. Take care of our troops. Young Marine Dies Of PTSD - And Neglect: "...On January 16, Schulze called his family and told them that he was going to do it -- he was going to kill himself. His family called the local police, who raced to his house, kicked in his door and found him hanging from an electrical cord.

Attempts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful.

Having read about Schulze while on a trip to Minnesota, Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) brought the story to the floor of the Senate and read it into the record on Monday.

'The story is nearly unbelievable to me,' said Dorgan in a speech on the Senate floor. 'The newspaper description of the flag-draped coffin of this young marine who earned two Purple Hearts fighting for his country in Iraq contains a sad, sad story of a young marine who should have gotten medical help for serious psychological problems that were the result of his wartime experience.'

The Marine's family says that he couldn't sleep, would have nightmares reliving the combat he had experienced and suffered from vivid flashbacks when awake.

“He was a delayed casualty of the Iraq war,” his father, Jim Schulze, a Vietnam Veteran, said of Jonathan..."

Tears. Please, no more. Never again. Go to the link if you can take reading the entire post.

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