Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Unpopular Publicans

Taylor Marsh weighs in on some prospects for 2008.

The '08 Republican Lemons: "...They quote a Red State post that is just too deliciously negative not to pick up.

They all suck. Let's just admit it. Every one of the thus far announced Republican candidates for President sucks. From the lecherous adulterer to the egomaniacal nut job to the flip-flopping opportunist with the perfect hair to the guy who hates brown people to the guy we've never heard of to the guy who has a better chance of getting hit by a meteor while being consumed by a blue whale being struck by lightening(sic).

They all suck. (Well, okay, Brownback doesn't suck at all, but I perceive no viability for his candidacy.) ...

They All Suck

With the field this bad, can Newt be far from their minds? Evidently not, says 'They All Suck.' Oh, please. Oh, please. Oh, please. Bring back Newt, by all means. His Fox 'News' candidacy would be a hoot to watch unravel, er, I mean unveil..."

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