Sunday, January 28, 2007

Voodoo Econ and The Minimum

Out of My Head: "...I also bought into trickle down theory at the time. All my book learnin’ told me it made sense. Of course, I forgot to pay attention to the word “trickle” - which I now see plainly warns that it will be really slow and by the time the stuff gets to the bottom, the effects will most likely be watered down.

But wait…I hear some of you screaming “a rising tide carries all ships!” Yeah…but the bigger ships get more of the fish. The smaller ones get the minimum wage...

After 10 years with no increase, can’t we at least catch people up to inflation? This is a wealthy nation filled with good-hearted people. Why should 13 million people (the estimated number on minimum wage) be denied a simple increase that just aims to adjust their wages for inflation? And contrary to what we hear, they are not all young students or workers in their first jobs. Many of them are your neighbors trying desperately to just live a decent life, maybe working two or three jobs to do it..."

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